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POST BORING MACHINE.This is, altogether, the best machine of this class we know of; is operated by foot power, leaving the hands free for the work. Will bore up to 5 in. deep, and measures 9 in. from post to drill spindle. Table Bracket has a screw adjustment of 12 inches. Table measures 14x28 in. Post is furnished with machine, is made from glued up stock, and is usually 8 in. square and 12 ft. long. Price, $61.00; wgt., complete, 500 lbs

VERTICAL BORING MACHINE. This machine is somewhat similar in design to the modern Machinist Upright Drills ; is a strong, well made machine. Movement of spindle 5 inches. Table Bracket has a screw adjustment of 12 in. Price, $80.00; weight, 800 lbs.

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UNIVERSAL VERTICAL BORING MACHINE. This machine is of new design, and is, we believe, the best Upright Boring Machine ever placed upon the market. It is the only machine we know of that has a Universal Table, which can always be placed in a position to get the light direct on the work, or bore at any angle required, up to 60 degrees and 11 in. deep. Machine has fast and slow speeds for light or heavy boring. The Spindle is provided with a Special Patent Chuck for holding Bits, which requires but a slight grip of the hand to tighten or loosen the bit. Machine can be operated by either hand or foot power. Depth of holes regulated by Stop Gauge. The Angle Fence can be set diagonally across the table, securing two different angles, bored at one operation of the spindle. Fig. 3956 is a sectional view of the table set at an angle of 30 degrees. The quadrant is accurately graduated with the number of degrees plainly marked. Price includes 5 Bits; one each, +, a, I, $- and Machine Bits. Price, $94.50.

This cut shows an Attachment suitable for the Universal Vertical Boring Machine. This Attachment is made to carry 3 Bits; will bore holes from I to 2 in. diam., 2i to 8 in. apart and 11 in. deep.
Price of Attachment, $40.00.

We are constrained to believe that the line of Boring Machines shown here is somewhat more complete than has ever before been shown in any one catalogue. There are other styles of Special Machines that we can furnish.

DOUBLE VERTICAL BORER. Intended especially for Chair Seat work, Legs, Arms, etc., but can be used for many special purposes. The Boring Spindles are adjustable apart on radius arms from 5 to 30 in. horizontally, and can be set to a considerable angle from the vertical. Spindles can be set at an angle; Table is adjustable vertically 51 in. also tilts to an angle to and from the column. Price, complete with Chucks, $243.00; weight, 1000 lbs.

MULTIPLE BORING MACHINE. This machine has just been brought out; is particularly well adapted to Planing Mills, Carriage, Chair and Furniture. Furniture Factories, Agricultural Works, etc. From one to eight holes ( according to number of spindles) can be bored from 2i to 30 in. apart at one movement of the foot lever. Each spindle is adjusted separately; depth of holes regulated by Automatic Stop. Table can be set to any required angle for boring Chair Seats or other angle work. Distance between table and end of spindle, 16 in.; from column to center of spindle, 16 in., and will bore 6 in. The cut shows a Six-Spindle Machine. the sixth bit being driven with a pair of fine steel gears for close boring. Price includes one set (4) Bits.
Four-Spindle Machine, $165.00. Add for each additional Spindle $12.00. Weight about 9001bs.

Foot powered wood boring machines