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Forstner Bits and their uses. 0051

For fine, smooth, true work the Forstner Bit has no equal. It supplements, but by no means entirely takes the place of the ordinary style of Auger Bits, for the reason that it is comparatively delicate, and will not stand the rough handling that the regular auger bit will. Some dealers, in advertising this bit, give the impression that it will bore a square hole, which is not the case; it has enough good points to make it an indispensable tool for nice work, and is especially useful for cabinet makers, carriage builders, pattern makers, stair builders, piano makers, etc., etc.

The Forstner Bit, unlike other bits, is guided by its circular rim instead of its centre, consequently it will bore any arc of a circle, and can be guided in any direction regardless of grain or knots, leaving a true polished surface, therefore it is preferable and more expeditious than chisel, gouge, scroll saw or lathe tool combined, for core boxes, fine and delicate patterns, veneers, screen work, scalloping, fancy scroll, twist columns, newels, ribbon moulding and mortising, etc.

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NOTE .—It will be noticed that the prices on sizes 1 in. and larger are very much higher in proportion than the others. The call for these larger sizes being but little, they have to be forged and made entirely by hand. We hope that some day the makers of these bits will adopt a plan by which the larger sizes can be furnished at a more reasonable price.

Forstner Bits on Ebay. More old tools text follows.

FORSTNER MACHINE BIT. We carry these Bits in stock all with shanks $ in. diam. Can furnish them with shanks } in. in diam. to order; prices are the same.

THE ADAMS ART AUGER BIT. This Bit is quite similar in style to the Forstner. As a boring bit pure and simple, we do not think it equals the Forstner. There are special attachments for cutting rosettes, and doing light, fancy work that make it for some purposes quite desirable. Will send circulars and prices of these bits on receipt of a postage stamp.

These Sets are packed in neat, compact boxes. Many of our older customers who have had previous catalogues will notice that we have dropped out a number of different styles of Car Bits that were shown in these catalogues. Our reasons for doing so will be found in the article entitled "VARIETY", printed in the introductory portion of the catalogue, and as it bears directly on this question, we do not deem it necessary to print it again.

FORD CAR BIT. This Bit for clean, smooth boring in deep holes has no superior. It works easily, bores a straight hole and is durable.SET IN CASE. over all 16, inches.

SHIP AUGER CAR BIT. The Ship Auger Pattern Car Bit is intended for use in hard woods. It will do fairly good work in soft wood, but is not recommended for this class ; bores straight and fast, and is more durable than any other form of Car Bit. We carry them in stock with Screw as shown in cut. Can furnish the same style of Bit to order without Screw; prices are the same.


Forstner Bits and their uses.