Gas or Steam Powered Lettering Press 0189_f


Used in Book Binderies, also for embossing in gold on Cigar Box Covers and similar work. Can be heated by steam, gas or gasoline

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Hand Machine, $85.00; for Power, $100.00;

Extra for Gasoline Heater, $15.00.

THICKER BANDS. For Bands ; in. thick add 33s per cent to above prices; for j5„ thick, add 66$ per cent, and for , thick, 100 per cent. Intermediate widths and lengths take proportionate prices.

CIRCULAR SAW SET. Suitable for Saws up to 30 in. diam. An excellent tool, price, $7.50.

BAND SAW FILING AND SETTING VISE WITH REELS. This is a style of Vise and Reel very commonly used. Vise only, $5.50; Vise with Reel, Standards, etc., $11.00.

RUBBER BANDS FOR BAND SAW WHEELS. Can furnish these in all sizes and styles, with Cloth Insertion; Cloth One Side or Cloth Both Sides. All orders filled with cloth insertion unless other.

REVOLVING PUNCH AND EYELET FASTENER. The Eyelet reinforces and strengthens the hole. This tool will pay for itself in a short time. Three sizes Punches and Eyelets. Price, $3.50, with one Box Assorted Eyelets (300); Extra Eye-lets, 40 cts. per Box, post-paid.

Gas or Steam Powered Lettering Press