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The Oil Torches, Fig. 1445, are largely used in foundries, blacksmith shops, machine shops, tunnels, etc.; principally for indoor use. They make a brilliant light. Burn best water-white oil.
Gasoline Torches, Fig. 1446, are used largely by trades desiring a heavy, bright light, and for outside use generally; can-not be blown out by a heavy wind.

DOUBLE GASOLINE TORCH. Double Gasoline Electric Torch; Extra Burners, suitable for any torch, The Jumbo Torch (not illustrated) is the largest and most powerful light of this kind we know. It has three times the lighting capacity of the regular torch, and the cost of operation is less in proportion.

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GASOLINE FIRE POTS AND TORCHES. Gasoline Fire Pots were first placed upon the market in somewhat crude form, about ten years ago. Originally they were intended more specially for the use of plumbers and tinsmiths, but their great advantages have led to their being used for an endless variety of purposes. Up to the present time there have been issued two hundred and eighty-six patents, based upon various forms of burners and general construction. The line of Gasoline appliances which we show here is uncommonly complete, and the goods are, we believe, superior in all respects. A very desirable feature of these goods is, that the tanks are stamped out of sheet brass TI, inch thick, which makes them practically indestructible. This refers to all Torches and Fire Pots from Figs. 1448 to 1453 inclusive.

We are prepared to furnish to order, Torches, Burners and Heaters for any purpose that may suggest itself to our customers, and will be pleased to furnish any information desired.

NO. 1 HELPER The No. 1 Helper is the best "all around" Pot. It is safe, durable, simple to handle and control. Can be instantly changed from an intense heat to a low fire or the reverse. Stands 12 inches high, its base being 9 inches in diam. It will run an ordinary day's work on a half gallon 74° (or stove) gasoline, without any attention but a few minutes pumping with the rubber bulb to keep up the necessary air pressure. It gives a high, steady, smokeless, odorless, and continuous heat. For indoor work it is the cleanest Pot in use, and on outside work is not affected by the highest wind. The burner is flexibly mounted on the tank. The hood can be removed from the tank, by slacking back on the thumbscrew. The burner can he reversed and used in any position as a torch, for thawing out pipes, melting joints, burning paint from roofs, unsoldering pipes, ''burning "and retinning galvanized iron, tempering tools, starting joints, melting antifriction metal, etc. Simple and ample means are provided for cleaning out burner should it become "clogged."

NO. 2 HELPER. Has two burners, with large hood for those using large pots. By detaching the hood, both burners can be effectively used in melting out "caulked" joints, etc. This is the most powerful heater used in the plumbing trade and is especially adapted for roofers. Will heat 8, 10 or 12 lb. irons for constant use, and can not he "blown out" by any wind that a roofer may work in; the irons remain clean, and the handles cool. Good and heavy braizing can be done by the proper management of the two burners. The pot being double the ordinary capacity, is too heavy for ordinary jobbing, but is just right for heavy contract work, or as a shop forge.

GASOLINE ELECTRIC FORGE. This Forge is especially made for electricians, plumbers, tinners, roofers and engineers. It is safe, durable, easily repaired, has a reversible burner that can be used in any position, and will not blow out in a gale of wind. Can be used as a blow pipe torch or a Fantail Heater, and can be instantly changed from an intense heat to a feeble flame, or the reverse. We mount these torches double, and as such they are used by Coppersmiths, Cycle Makers, and others for braizing, by Ice Machine men, Glass Blowers, and in any trade requiring a strong and steady flame without the use of a bellows.

DIAMOND GASOLINE TORCH This is the most convenient little Torch in the market; it is made of brass, and the burner is so constructed that the flame can be regulated to suit the work.
It is made for light work, by Plumbers, Gas Fitters, Electricians, Painters, Jewelers, etc. The tank holds about half pint gasoline. The handle can be adjusted it any angle to suit the operator, or it may be detached to carry in pocket. The flame is very strong, and is not easily blown out.

Gasoline Burners and torches