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Center Bits are used a great deal less than formerly, but for some classes of work they are quite indispensable. Like the Texan's revolver, they are not wanted often, but when needed they are needed bad. Nearly all the Center Bits sold in this country are imported from Germany; they are made in three or four qualities and the best of them are pretty poor. Our Center Bits are of English make, and the best that we can buy.

LARGE SIZE CENTER BITS. Above cut shows style of Center Bit in sizes larger than 2 in.

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The best Bit Stock Drills are made by the Morse Twist Drill & Machine Co., who are the largest Drill makers in the world. All Bit Stock Drills we sell are of this make ; they will bore in either steel, iron or other metals as well as wood.

WOOD BORING DRILL. This style of Drill, which is commonly known as the " Syracuse," has to a very large extent taken the place of gimlet bits of all styles (excepting the German Bit, Fig. 3379, which seems to hold its own). We think the best bits of this type are made by the Cleveland Twist Drill Co. These drills are quite similar in style to the regular Bit Stock Drill, but being used almost entirely for wood, they are not tempered quite so hard (although they will cut through iron or steel), and are ground at a sharper angle. We carry them in stock in a great variety of sizes, as per list below.

For many purposes the Round Shank Machine Bits of this style will be found exceedingly useful. We carry these in stock in the ordinary lengths, as follows (the numbers indicate the sizes in 32ds of an inch):

ROUND SHANK WOOD DRILLS. These come in the same sizes and at the same prices as the Brace Bits in foregoing list.

BELL HANGERS' & ELECTRICIANS' DRILL These are the same style as above, but made in long lengths. Can furnish other lengths to order.

GERMAN GIMLET BITS. We sell the imported German Gimlet Bits —the "R. H. K. Rob" brand. These Bits while higher in price than any others, are preferred by the best mechanics who claim that they are worth the difference (German high-grade tools are almost an unknown quantity, these bits being the only exception to the rule). We carry them by 32ds of an inch in sizes from is to ii inch.

GERMAN STYLE MACHINE BIT. A great many of these are sold to manufacturers of handles.

DIAMOND COUNTERSINK BIT. All above sizes $0.13 each, $1.35 per doz.

Countersinks for sale on Ebay. More old tools text follows.

COUNTERSINK AND DRILL COMBINED. This is a new tool, and in the short time that it has been on the market has met with a great deal of favor. It is used in connection with a wood drill, same as Fig. 3377. It can be used with two sizes of drills, 4- and ua in. ; price includes these 2 drills, or 2 drills of either size, as preferred.

COUNTERSINKS. The first three Countersinks shown here are old and well known styles. The newer styles, shown further on, have largely taken their place. In these three styles we carry in stock only the finest quality. We do not recommend them, as we believe the newer styles are superior, but if a mechanic wants these, we will sell him the best.

SNAIL COUNTERSINK. Used for wood only

FLAT COUNTERSINK. Used for metals; is rather a poor substitute for the fluted countersink

WHEELER'S COUNTERSINK. A well known tool; price is moderate, and quality, price considered, is good.

METAL BORING TOOLS. A complete line of Twist Drills and other Metal Boring Tools will be found in our Metal Workers' Catalogue en-titled "A Book of Tools "

ROSE COUNTERSINK. Used for hard woods and the softer metals, such as brass, copper, etc.,

German Gimlet Bits, Countersinks, Machine bits