German mathematical instruments are second best 0086

SUPERIOR GERMAN INSTRUMENTS. Coming after the Swiss in point of quality and usefulness, is our line ofSuperior German Instruments. They are also made with a pivot joint, and very closely resemble the former. They will, in most cases, do the work of the foreman, machinist, pattern maker, carpenter or other mechanic quite well enough, where the extreme accuracy expected of the draughtsman or designer is not required. Where the mechanic Is an enterprising fellow, and likes to lay out any piece of work given him, and be sure he is right (on such work as is not laid out in detail for him), these Instruments are especially desirable.

in neat Morocco case, $7.25.
The Beam Compass, will fit any regular size straight edge, and is made adjustable by means of a screw, as shown, by which it may be set very accurately. Made of German silver, has two Steel Points, Pen. Pencil, and Needle Point.
Points and Lengthening Bar.
German Compasses and Dividers are fitted with Pivot Joints.
The Spring Bow Pen in this case is not illustrated
This Set is a duplicate of No. 20, except that the instruments are Superior German instead of Swiss, and it is the most popular set we have. The Bow Instruments are the same as in No 40.
FIG. 1666. NO. 42. Price, $18.25. Set No. 42 contains Ruling Pens, Nos. 73 and 87 ;

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Spring Bow Divider, Pencil and Pen, 3i, in. each ; Hairspring Divider, No. 29; Compasses, Nos. 33 and 37; Box of Leads.
This is the most complete Set we have, and comprises all the most used instruments. The Bow Instruments in this set are the same as in Sets Nos. 40 and 41. They all have Metal Handles and the quality is first-class.
We can furnish any assortment in Morocco Cases at short notice.
Needle and Pen Point.
Compass, with Pen and Pencil Points, and Fixed Needle Point.

German mathematical insturments are second best