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HERCULES MOUNTED GRINDSTONE. The frames are made of seasoned oak, with oiled and varnished finish, strongly braced in all directions. It has an extra heavy shaft and turned rollers; is especially designed for railroad and shop purposes where a strong, heavy article is required.

IRON GRINDSTONE FRAME. The Iron Grindstone Frame, Fig. 937, is suitable in size to swing a stone ,30 inches in diameter and 4t inches thick.
No. 1, $13.25, hand or foot power.
No. 2, (see cut) $16.50, with pulley for power only
No. 3, $18.00; this is the same as No. 2, with the addition of treadle for foot power.

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POWER GRINDSTONE. These frames are strongly made of seasoned oak, braced securely in every, direction and firmly bolted together, The prices include Grindstone and everything complete, as shown in cut.

GRINDSTONE TRUING DEVICE. One of the. most disagreeable things to be done in a workshop is the truing of grindstones. It is, therefore, often the case that they are allowed to become quite out of shape and untrue, very much to the annoyance of the workman, who finds it almost impossible to grind his tools in a proper manner. The cut, Fig. 939, illustrates a device well adapted for truing and keeping the face of grind-stones constantly in good shape. This can be instantly applied to the face of the stone, working automatically, and without dust, keeping the face always in good shape without interfering with its constant use.

POWER GRINDSTONE. The trough is cast in one piece, making it water tight, and avoiding all joints ; an adjustable tool rest, with drip pan, is furnished with each frame. The prices are for Frame and Stone complete. We furnish a 12 inch pulley with all sizes. Will substitute any required size pulley, charging only the actual difference in price. Can also furnish Frame with 12 inch loose pulley additional, for $3.00 extra.

PATENT GRINDSTONE FIXTURE. The advantage of this Fixture is the ease with which it is put into the Stone and adjusted, so as to make the Stone run true. These Fixtures are well made and finished. Prices below do not include pulleys; will give prices for pulleys when desired.

Grindstone truing machine