Hand Drills & Breast Drills 0042

The line of Hand and Breast Drills shown here is a new one; is not only much more complete than any line heretofore shown, but the goods them-selves are in design, finish, durability and convenience in handling superior t , anything in the market. The Frames are of malleable iron, finely japanned; all polished parts are highly finished and nickel plated ; the Gears have teeth cut out of the solid metal; the Chucks are of latest design, with three Jaws, knurled nut, and are accurate.

HAND DRILL No. 4— Holds sizes 0 to A; 8 drill points (see Fig. 3278) furnished with each Drill.
HAND DRILL No. 5—This Drill has capacity from 0 to ; inch, and is correspondingly larger and stronger than the No. 4i; furnished with 8 drill points
HAND DRILL No. 5— This Drill embraces features never before used upon tools of this character, and is certainly the finest Hand Drill ever produced. Has Double Gears, two Speeds; capacity is from 0 to a in.

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BREAST DRILL No. 7.-The Nos. 6 and 7 Breast Drills take the places of the. Nos. 10, 11, 12 and 13, shown in former catalogues. These tools will be found the most complete of any yet shown. The Frame is of malleable iron, the Gears have teeth cut from the solid, and have two speeds changed by simply turning a thumb nut. The Breast Plate is adjustable, the Chucks are accurately made, and altogether the tools are as near perfection as can well be attained. Two sets of Jaws go with the No. 7 Drill; one for holding Square, the other for Round Shanks.

BREAST DRILL No. 6— This Drill is the same in every particular as the No. 7, excepting that it has a Three-jawed Chuck for holding round shank tools, capacity 0 to in. Price, complete, $3.00.

Hand and breast drills for sale on Ebay; vintage tool text continues afterward.

AUTOMATIC BORING TOOLS. These Tools are designed for boring wood for various purposes, such as for setting screws, brads, nails, etc. They can be used in many places where the brace, gimlet or brad awl cannot, and are decidedly superior to the others for the purposes mentioned; 8 drills of graduated sizes accompany each tool. Any of these tools can be sent by mail complete for 10 cents postage.

There are three different makes of this style of tool; the oldest and best known is the Johnson, and this is the one we handle. Besides this there are the Millers Falls and Goodell. All these concerns make first-class tools. Prices are about the same, and there is really very little choice.
ALL METAL, $1.10. This style is perhaps the best known of any, and there are more of these used
WOOD HANDLE, The Wood Handle style is comparatively new, and is very well liked. The Handles are made of Rosewood, handsomely finished. Wood Handle, $1.45. The cut shows the No. 2 Handle. The No. 2 Tool is identical with No. 1, excepting that the handle is provided with separate cells for the tools, and a neat Spring Cover.
Price, per Set (8), $0.40; each $0.06.

Hand Drills & Breast Drills