This machine is sometimes called a Buzz Planer, sometimes a Hand Planer, and sometimes a Jointer. There may be other names for it, but whatever it is called, it certainly is a most convenient tool. While quite a commonly used machine, we are oftentimes surprised that we do not sell more of them, especially in Pattern-making, Joining and Jobbing shops, as they easily save 80 per cent of the time over work done by hand. Besides, it is a machine that is easily kept in order, and requires almost no attention. 

Can be used for a great variety of work, such as planing straight and out of wind, glue-jointing, squaring, smoothing, beveling and cornering, chamfering, rabbeting, moulding, tongueing, beading and grooving, cross-graining, tenoning, etc., etc. (it can't play lawn tennis, rock a cradle, or churn butter).
Somewhat to our regret, we feel compelled to show three styles of these machines.
In making up this book we have —as far as possible — endeavored to show a very complete variety, and at the same time avoid multiplicity, and would simply say that, while the machines that are highest in price are the best, the medium and lower priced machines are excellent in design, workmanship, and finish, and are heavy and strong.
Taken all in all, we believe that this is the finest Hand Planer now in the market ; is heavy and strong. The frame has three points of bearing on the floor, which make it impossible to strain or twist it by bolting down or by settling of the floor.
Tables are 7 ft. long. Rear Table has Rabbeting Groove $ in. deep, and an adjustment for making hollow or "Spring" glue joints. Both Tables can be drawn away from the Cutter Head on a level, independent of inclined way, so as to leave an opening 7 in. wide.
Cutter Head is four-sided. Has plain Dovetailed Slots, which admit of Moulding, Tongue and Grooving, and other special Cutters being attached without removing the Straight Knives, thus it
Can furnish Spring Attachment for running Mouldings and similar work. Price, including 4 Dovetail Bolts, $4.50. Special Rabbeting Table & Gauge, $5.10.
Steel Lips furnished on Tables, at the following extra cost: 8 in.,$5.10; 12 in., $5.95; 16 in.. $6.80; 20 in., .$7.65; 24 in., $8.50.
Tables are more than 7 ft. long. Both Tables can be drawn away from the Cutter Head on a straight line, independent of the inclined way. Either Table can be adjusted by means of a large hand wheel. The rear Table is arranged for rabbeting. Adjustable Fence is attached to the In-Feeding Table, and can be instantly changed to any bevel. Cutter Head is four-sided, being slottted on two sides to admit of Moulding and other Cutters being attached without removing the straight
Knives, so that surfacing and moulding can be done at one operation. Price includes one pair of Straight Knives and Countershaft. Weight.
12 in. Hand Planer, $117.00; 1200 lbs.
16 " " 131.00; 1425 "
20 " " 145.00; 1600 "
24 " " " 155.00; 1800 "
changes and improvements, which necessitates a small advance in the price. The Frame is the same length as Table, is heavy and well braced. Length of table, from 6 to 7 ft. Table can be adjusted to any position that may be required. By means of a simple device, the Bed can be taken from level for making spring joints. Head is four-sided. Machine has Rabbeted Bed for Door and Sash work. Price includes 1 pair of Straight Knives and Counter-
shaft. Weight.
12 in. Hand Planer, $98.00; 1200 tbs.
16 " " " 110.00; 1480 "
20 " " 120.00; 1600 "
24 " 134.00; 1800 "
in form
FIG. 5201.
It is not always practical to make Tongue and Groove Joints on the Hand Planer, on account of the stock often being so crooked that the Tongue and Grooves are not parallel with the face of the board.
This machine is substantially the same as the Fig. 5198 Hand Planer, and is arranged with special Attachments, so that it answers in most cases as a substitute for the expensive Clamp Carriage Machine.
The special Gauge is made to expand laterally for different thicknesses of work, from $ to 11 thick, and by one change of Collars the range can be from $ to 2 in. Both Faces of the Gauge are alike, so that a piece is finished at one handling. Hollow or "Spring " Joints can be obtained.
Can furnish plain Cutter Head and Knife when desired. In this case the Machine becomes a Universal Jointer, making Plain, Single V, or Combination Joints, either staight or hollow. Price includes one pair Heads, Special Gauge and Countershaft.
Price V Jointer, complete, $146.00; Plain Jointer Head and Gauge, additional, $12.75.
Having lost one finger while running a buzz planer, and not having any more to spare, I have found a guard made as follows a very useful thing, as it keeps the throat covered and is easily made and quickly taken off when necessary.
Take a hoard +x6 or 7 inches and saw to shape of Fig. I, long enough to reach from back end of table a little past throat. Drill + in. hole through table (near out edge) and put bolt through table and guard, using wood washer thickness of rabbeting recess in table to bring to level with top.
In jointing• narrow stock on a wide buzz planer with the gauge in the middle, it leaves the knives exposed. This device prevents fingers or anything else getting caught. It can be pushed aside when using full width of knives, or quickly taken off for rabbeting.
M. H. N. in "The Wood-Worker."
may be done at the same time as Sur-
facing. Price includes one pair of
Straight Knives and Countershaft.
8 in. Hand Planer, $110.50: 900 lbs.
12 " " " 127.50; 1300 "
16 " 146.00; 1500 "
20 " " 166.00; 1700 " FIG. 5200.
24 " 187.00; 1900 " This is pract
30 " 231.00; 2600 " shown

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