Hand Power Circular Saw 0142

This machine we have sold for up-wards of twenty years, and while during that time there have been a great many different styles, up to within a few years ago it was the only foot power circular machine that could be considered as first-class in all respects. In fact, at the present time we believe there is but one machine that equals it, and that is the one shown in Fig. 4057. This last named machine has one ad-vantage, in that it can be supplied with Self-Feed Ripping device, Scroll Saw Attachment, and Moulding Attachment. The only attachment that can be furnished with the Hand and Foot Power Circular Saw is the Boring Attachment. 

The table is 28x37 in.; the grooves for gauges are planed in an iron top, which is 10 in. wide. Gauge tongues are of steel and accurately fitted. The 20 in. and 5 in. gears are of iron, the 2 in. pinion of gun metal, and all gears are carefully turned and accurately cut.

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We recently had one of these machines sent in for repairs that had been used constantly and hard for eighteen years. The cost of repairing was about $10.00, and the machino was then practically as good as new.

No. 1 machine, $54.00; with Boring Attachment and Side Treadle, as shown in cut, $60.00. Price includes one each, 7 in. Cross-Cut and Rip Saws, 2 Cutting off Gauges, one Rip Gauge, 2 Crank Handles and Wrench. Weight, 420 lbs.

No. 2 machine is identical with No. 1, excepting that it has a heavier balance wheel, giving more power. Is sold at an additional cost of $4.50.


FIG. 4062.


This is practically the same machine as the one shown in the foregoing cut, but arranged for power only. The pulley is 3 inches in diam., 4 in. wide and is placed on an arbor between the bearings. Although not very heavy, it is a well made machine, and for medium and light work will prove a very desirable one.

Machine only, $36.00; Countershaft, if desired, $13.50; Boring Table, $5.00.

FIG. 4063.


The frame work of these machines is made of black birch and rock maple, thoroughly seasoned and kiln-dried. The tops are glued up of narrow strips, and so cleated that they cannot wan p or split. The saw arbors are self-oiling, and are made of steel. They are furnished with pulley between the bearings,or outside as may be preferred, also with Patent Combination Saw Gauge. The Tables are made in six sizes, as follows. No. 3 weighs 400 lbs.

No. Price. Size of Hole Size Saw Width

Table. in Saw. to Use. of Belt.

0 $32.00 26x42 4 6 to 8 in. 3 in.

1 39.50 31x46 8 "12 " 4 "

2 47.50 34x54 1 10 "16" 43"

3 51.50 36x58 1 4 16 "20 " 5 "

4 55.00 38x64 20 "24 " 6 "

5 59.00 41x70 14 24 "30 " 7 "

FIG. 4064.


In above cut machine is arranged for cross-cutting. The bed is mounted on Patent Roller Bearings in such a manner that the whole table is made to move back and forth, carrying the work absolutely square with the saw. The table runs so easily, it requires less than one pound pressure to move it under any load, from one to 300 lbs. The frame work is made of black birch and rock maple, thoroughly seasoned and kiln-dried; the bed is glued-up of narrow strips and securely fastened to heavy iron cleats, so it cannot warp or split. A throat 5 in. wide is placed in each table ; this is quickly removed for dado cutting and all similar work.

No. 1, $67.50, has bed 33x46 in.; is suitable for saws from 8 to 12 in. diam. No. 2, $90.00, has bed 38x58 in.; is suitable for saws from 14 to 20 in. diam. The price includes Countershaft complete, and one each, Slitting, Cross-cut and Miter Gauges. No. 1 weighs 650 lbs.

FIG. 4065.


. This cut shows the style of Saw Gauge used with the Improved Slitting Saw Tables, Fig. 4063. Can be set on any bevel. Can be readily attached to any common saw table, and as a labor-saving device it is a complete success.

No. 1, $5.75, with Bed Plate either 14, 16 or 18 inches long

No. 2, $6.25, with Bed Plate either 22, 24, 26 or 28 inches long.

FIG. 4066.


. This machine is designed for both Ripping and Cross-cutting. It is all of iron, and is in all respects a well made machine. Price includes Countershaft, and one each, Cut-off and Ripping Gauge. Table is 28x32 inches. Size of arbor 3 rZ, and takes a saw with 4 inch hole. Price, $60.00; weight 500 lbs.

FIG. 4067.



It would seem unnecessary for us to expatiate upon the necessity of a reliable protection from accident on Circular Saws. This device not only does away

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