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NO. 1 HORIZONTAL BORING MACHINE. Is suitable for holes 4+ in. deep or less. Table is of hard wood glued-up, 14x28 in. Vertical Adjustment is by a screw and hand crank, with a range of 10 in. Hand Crank is removable. Machine is designed for doing quickly, medium and light work.

NO. 0 HORIZONTAL BORING MACHINE. Is made on the same frame as the foregoing, but with Stationary Spindle, and without Foot Lever Attachment. Table has the same Vertical Adjustment, and also slides to and from the bit 5 in.

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NO. 2 HORIZONTAL BORING MACHINE. Is somewhat similar in style to the No. 1, but heavier and more elaborate. The table is of iron 18x32 in., and has slots for the fence at right angles, so that long work can be bored endwise as well as across at any required angle. Table tilts to 45 degrees both ways, and the fence is adjustable in all directions to the same angle or less. The depth to which the arbor bores is 9 in. Table Bracket has a vertical adjustment of 10 in. Price, $121.50; weight, 750 lbs.

DOUBLE HORIZONTAL BORING MACHINE. Is Designed for Doweling Chair, Cabinet, Carriage, Car and similar work. The Spindles are mounted in an adjustable head, which swivels around one of them. The range of adjustment is from a horizontal to a perpendicular line, and slightly beyond. Table has a vertical movement of 9 in., and a forward and backward movement of 6 in. Distance between centers is from 1 to 10 in. on the No. 1 Machine, and from 1 to 16 in. on the No. 2 Machine.

SIX-SPINDLE HORIZONTAL BORING MACHINE. This is quite an elaborate machine, suitable for a great range of work. It has- a range of 1 in. center to center, and 48 in. extreme outside. The machine is self-contained, being belted direct from line shaft. Can be used with 2, 4 or 6 Spindles by simply moving a Iever.

BIT MORTISING BORING MACHINE. Table has a Horizontal Movement towards the Bit of 6 in., and a Vertical Movement of 9 in. Stop Gauge under table for limiting the depth of cutting. Either Adjustable Screw Clamps or Eccentric Clamps are furnished, and these are detachable, so that any special clamp can be attached. Mortises from 1 to 61 in. long, and from to 1 in. wide can be cut in any kind of wood. Foot Lever Attachment for working the Table is a great convenience. and saves much time, as it leaves the operator's hands free to handle the work. Price includes Self-Centering Chuck and 3 Bits. Weight, 800 lbs.

ELBOW BORING MACHINE. This for many kinds of work will be found an especially useful machine. It is particularly adapted to boring pin-holes in Doors, Blinds, etc. Spindle is movable to the depth of 4 in. Machine takes one belt 8 ft. 10 in. long, and one 6 ft. 11 in. long. Can furnish this machine fitted as a Sand Papering Machine as well (see Pig. 3940, page 846, Elbow Sand Papering Machine). Price Combined, $45.00.

PATENT SADDLE SEAT SHAPER. Designed for shaping Saddle or other forms of Chair Seat. From 100 to 150 ordinary Saddle Seats may be cut in a day, and finished smoothly. Price, with one form, $340.00; weight, 1200 lbs.

Horizontal & Spindle boring machines