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Knives for wood working machines – Quality Benefits 0177

MACHINE KNIVES. There are at the present time in this country twenty-three manufacturers of Machine Knives, and of this number we could name a half-dozen or more whose product is first-class. For many years the prices of the different manufacturers have been alike (perhaps it is a mutual agreement, perhaps a combination, or it may be one of those awful "Octopus-es" they call a "Trust,", but at any rate, they have never been severely criticized, as their prices are in the main quite reasonable). In view of the fact that prices on all makes are alike, there is no good reason why any user should be satisfied with a poor quality of knives.

Our Machine Knives are the very best that we can procure, and we will be pleased to have a trial order —at least— from any who wish to better their condition as far as Machine Knives are concerned.

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DIRRECTIONS FOR ORDERING.—Place the knife with face on paper and mark with sharp pencil carefully around all sides and slots. so as to have a sketch of knife like cut. And it is important that the length, thickness and width of knife is stated, how many knives are to be balanced in a set, and what temper is desired; whether high to grind only, medium to file slowly, or low to file easily. THE LENGTH OF A KNIFE MEANS THE DISTANCE ACROSS THE CUTTING EDGE.

PLANING AND BARKING MACHINE KNIVES.All Knives 4 in. wide or less, in. thick or less, and 6 to 31 in. long, x+0.12 per inch of length.

LONGER KNIVES (4 in. wide or less) :
WIDER KNIVES (to 31 in. in length) For prices of wider Knives add 3 cts. for each 1 in. of width to 8 in. wide ; thus a Knife either 6 or 6-i in. wide would be 27 cts. per in.; 6z or 6i-, 30 cts. per in. Figure prices at actual measurement, viz: 24-1, 50-1, etc. Knives wider or thicker in one part than another, figure by list of widest and thickest measurement. Measure knives by longest length, whether it be at cutting edge or back. All Knives longer or wider than are included in this list, ask for prices.

THICKER KNIVES —Advance for extra thickness on all knives as follows :

SHORTER KNIVES (-- in, thick or less, 4 in. wide or less). To 2 in. long, 50 cts. each; to 4 in. long, 62 cts. each ; 4 to 6 in. long, 75 cts. each. If over 4 in. wide, increase fi for each one inch, or fractional part thereof. Advance for extra thickness. Counterbored Slots add 10 per cent.

All FLAT KNIVES (4- thick or less) with irregular edges not moulding knives, add 50 per cent to list of straight knives 6 in. long or less for small knives, except in lots of 50 or more without slots, as provided in Matcher and Jointer Bit List; to list of ordinary knives, if over 6 in. long. (This covers all knives with slightly convex, concave, angular or irregular edges of any description which can be done on a grindstone). Figure price by measurement at widest part of knife. Advance for extra thickness. Counterbored Slots add 10 per cent.


All MOULDING CUTTERS with edge, worked to pattern 5 in. wide or less, thick or less, 40 cts. per inch ; if over 5 in. wide, advance 6 for each 1 in. or fractional part thereof. No Moulding Cutter will be charged for at a less price than 50 cents each.

MOULDING CUTTER BLANKS (not tempered) 4- thick or less, 5 in. wide or less. Two in. long or less, 25c each; over 2 to 3 in. long, 35c each ; over 3 to 4 in. long, 50c each; over 4 to 5 in. long, 60c each; over 5 to 6 in. long. 70c each. Advance 20 per cent over 5 in. wide. Advance for extra thickness

COPE CUTTERS, each, $0.50. MATCHER, JOINTER and other small Bits without Slots $ thick or less to 5 in. wide, to 1 in. long, 30c each; over 1 in. long to 2 in. long, 40c each ; over 2 in. long to 2i in. long, 50c each.

IRREGULAR EDGE CUTTERS, in these sizes without slots, in lots of 50 or more, advance 50 per cent. Advance for extra thickness. If over 5 in. wide increase e for each one inch or fractional part thereof.

FLAT TENON MACHINE CUTTERS, 5x5 or less, each, $0.93.

HOG JOINTER OR REFUSE CUTTERS ( tl in. thick or less) 8 in. wide or less, 4c per square inch; over 8 in. wide to 9 in. wide, 4lc per square inch; over 9 in. wide to 10 in. wide, 5c per square inch.

IRREGULAR KNIVES, not otherwise provided for, extra price to cover in-creased cost.
We are prepared to furnish Knives of any description, among them Jointer, Wood Trimmer, Miter, Moulding, Book Binders', Paper Machine, Corner, Car-pet, Leather Splitter, Brush Trimmer, 1)1 led. Beef, Kraut, Hay Cutter, Band Cutter, Brush Trimmer, etc. Prices upon application. If the applicants will be good enough to state just what they want, it will save time and trouble.

It is needless to write of the advantages gained by having well balanced knives. Knives can be reduced to the same specific weight with a common pair of scales, but that does not attain the object, which is to have the weight agree in corresponding parts.
With this machine the desired results may be secured. If a set of Knives or Bits is balanced, and the head used is in balance, the machine will run absolutely true.
No. 1, $15.00, complete; this is the standard size, and is suitable for knives up to 36 in. long. Weight, 60 lbs.
No. 2, $40.00; special size for knives up to 48 in. long.

Knives for wood working machines - Quality Benefits