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PETROLEUM FAUCET. The keys of these faucets are bushed with brass.

SELF CLOSING WATER FAUCET. This can be used as a selfclosing water faucet or not, as desired, by simply removing or replacing the spring. Can also furnish these, either Silver or Nickel plated.

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PERFECTION GATE. This Gate has been on the market for the past seven years. It is warranted to hold any kind of liquid from the thickest syrups and varnishes to the thinnest fluids, such as benzine, naphtha, etc.; is self-adjusting, compact and strong. In our judgment one of these Gates is worth half-a-dozen of any other kind. The measurements given in table are inside.

GRAPHITE OR BLACK LEAD. This is used dry for steam and air cylinders, and mixed with fats or oils for a lubricant. It can often be used where oil or grease cannot be applied. It is good for preventing hot boxes, and is equally useful for either wood or metal friction surfaces, and on loom and spindle work, where oil or grease will spoil the fabric.
The Dixon Graphite is perfectly pure, and is much finer in quality than the black lead ordinarily sold. It comes in packages of sizes, as given in table below:
We can also furnish, when desired, any of the Jos. Dixon Crucible Co's products, among them being Smear Grease, Car Grease, Machinery Grease, Graphite Grease for wire ropes, Silica-Graphite Paint, Black Lead Facings, Core Wash, and Graphite for electrotypers.

PULLMAN. 1434.
We can furnish any of these Lanterns with green, blue, or red globes, or one-half green, blue, of red, when desired.
These lamps give a very bright light, and will not smoke or blow out in the strongest wind. They are especially adapted for use in warehouses, saw-mills, railroad stations, etc., etc. They have silvered glass reflectors and outside wick regulator.
(Not illustrated).
These are the Police or Watchmens' Dark Lanterns ; finely finished and strong; parts all riveted together, and the glasses are of the best quality, fire-polished.
The Tin Lanterns FIG. 1438. are nickel-plated, and the Brass highly polished.
Fig. 1436 represents the Tubular Side Reflector Lamps. These Lamps are especially adapted for use in stores, ware-houses, barns, engine and boiler rooms, or any place where a strong light is required. They have silvered glass reflect-ors, and are finished in blue japanned.

Lanterns & graphite lubricants