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20 AND 24 INCH PATTERN LATHES. These Lathes are in general appearance the same as the foregoing. They have P]ain Countershaft. Price includes 2 Wood Centers, 2 Taper Centers, Rosette Chuck, large and small Face Plate, 2 Rest Sockets, 3 T Rests, and Floor Rest Stand.
20 Inch Lathe, $200.00, 8 ft. bed; weight 1300 lbs.
24 Inch Lathe, $225.00, 8 ft. bed; weight 1600 lbs.
Compound Rest in place of Plain Cross Slide on either of the above lathes, $17.00 extra.
If longer Beds are wanted, add $7.75 for each 2 ft.

LATHE BACK REST. This will be found a most excellent device. A great many of these are in use, and the sale is increasing. These Rests are adjustable in all ways. Price,

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PATENT AUTOMATIC BACK KNIFE LATHE. These Lathes are of the latest and most approved design. The workmanship is of the very best quality, and we can thoroughly recommend them to those who are in need of a machine of this class. Three sizes are manufactured, each size being furnished in two different lengths. They are all first class Gauge Lathes, as well as Back Knife Lathes (in Fig. 3978 it is shown as an Automatic Gauge Lathe), and can be used on a great variety of work without the Knife Gate.

The Smoothing or Gauge Chisel finishing the plain swells or tapers nicely. The Patent Intermediate Knife Bed, to which the Pattern Knives are attached, is used exclusively in these lathes, and saves a great deal of time in "setting up" for a change of work, and also avoids shifting knives for sharpening and re-adjusting afterwards. This device also often saves a large item of expense for pattern knives, in connection with the Gauge or Smoothing Chisel, working on a separate form.

The Turning Chisels all have our Patent Adjustable Screw Tool Stocks, by which they may be adjusted in the cut while the lathe is in motion.

No. 1 Lathe, for stock from 3 to 30 in. long, $297.00; for stock from 3 to 36 in. long, $323.00, turns from 1 to 21 in. diem., leaves squares l xl* at any point. This size will take all ordinary Chair Work, Furniture Spindles, Brush Handles. etc. From 1200 to 3000 pieces per day can be turned.

No. 2 Lathe, for stock from 4 to 40 in. long, $365.00; for stock from 4 to 50 in. long, $395.00, turns from } to 3 inchesin diam., leaves squares 211x21 in. at any point. This size is for all kinds of Chair Work, Stand Legs, Small Table Legs, Balusters, Handles, Spindles, etc. It is a favorite size for general work. From 1000 to 2500 pieces per day can be turned.

No. 3 Lathe, for stock from 6 to 40 in. long, $455.00; for stock from 6 to 50 in. long, $486.00; turns from to 5 in. diam , leaves squares 4x4 at any point. From 600 to 1500 pieces per day can be turned. With each machine is furnished one set (3 or 4) Turning Chisels, 3 Dies or Steady Collars, 2 Spur Centers, 3 Knife Beds, 4 Balancing Sheaves, and Countershaft complete.

PATENT AUTOMATIC GAUGE LATHE. These lathes are the same as the Back Knive Lathes, excepting that the Knife Frame and Gate, or its attachments, are omitted. If wanted later on, these attachments can be supplied, and can be easily fitted, as all parts are arranged for this. The Turning Chisels are arranged with Adjusting Screws, so that they can be kept absolutely accurate without stopping either the feed or the lathe. The Forming Chisel is automatically lifted on the return of carriage, thus doing away with wear. Price includes one set of Turning Chisels, 3 Dies, 2 Spur Centers, and Countershaft. SPECIAL PATTERN LATHE.

Large woodworking factory wood lathes