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No. G60, $2.75, Ground Glasses, Mahogany, French Polish, Brass Lipped Side Views; lengths 24 and 28 in.
No. G90, $3.05, same as No. G60, but Brass Tipped.
No. G95, $5.50, Ground Glasses, Mahogany, French Polish, Brass Bound, Brass Lipped Side Views; lengths 24 and 28 in.
No G96, $6.50, same as No. G95, but Rosewood

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DUPLEX LEVELS AND PLUMBS. These Levels have the ordinary form of leveling glass, set in the top surface of the stock. For any uses where an observation of the glass, sidewise, may be found convenient, an additional leveling glass is set in the side, at the opposite end from the plumb. Both glasses are protected by Brass Discs, can be seen from either side, and are inserted fn the level with the least possible removal of wood from the stock.

MASON'S LEVELS AND PLUMBS. Proved and Marked Glasses, Cherry, Polished, adapted for Plumb Bob and Line. The following two styles of Masons' Levels are quite new: The two Plumb Glasses are set in separate holes, but each on the right-hand side. This will enable the workman to plumb work below where he stands, or above him, without turning the level stock end for end, which is found to be a great convenience.

METALLIC LEVELS. We present here entirely new lines of Metallic Levels. More especially in the smaller sizes, and for some classes of work, Levels made of metal possess advantages over those- made of wood. With very few exceptions all the Levels described in this article have either our Proved and Marked, or Ground Level Glasses.

Pocket Levels on Ebay. More old tools text follows.

POCKET LEVEL. This Level is of Iron, with Brass Top Plate; has Groove and Set Screw, and can be used on a square or straight edge. With Proved and Marked Level Glass, price, $0.25; postage 5 cents.

SQUARE LEVEL. This Level is a very popular one; is called a Pocket Level, although the sharp corners would likely play havoc with the pocket if worn too constantly. It measures a in square, 6 in. long, and has 21 in. Proved and Marked Glass.

HEXAGON POCKET LEVEL. These Levels are very convenient, are of Brass, Nickel Plated, and nicely finished.
This is the same Level as No. 33 -, provided with detachable base piece; can be used on square or straight edge. Price with Ground Glass, $1.25; postage 6 cents.
NO. 34. This line of Levels is intended to take the place of the imported wood and brass Levels shown in former catalogues. They are provided with fine Ground glasses, are strong, well made and compact. The outer shell can be turned so as to completely protect the glass from damage when not in use. An especially attractive feature about these Levels is the prices at which they are furnished ; which are less than one-half of former prices on goods of like quality.

STEEL LEVEL.These Levels, like the No. 34 line, are new and in some respects unique. They possess the following superior qualities: Lightness, Strength, Accuracy, Large Bearing Surface, and Fine Finish. To those engaged in building, a Level of this style possesses some especial ad-vantages, having both top and bottom level surfaces. Being made of steel instead of cast iron, there is no danger of their being broken in falling from a distance.

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Levels - Duplex, Masons, Metallic, Pocket