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I have one of your three foot flexible folding rules. It is the handiest tool I have ever used, but if the maker put brass tips on the end it would be a great improvement, and would make it wear twice as long.

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F. B. CooK, Dayton, Ohio.

We suggested this improvement to the manufacturers; they approved of the

suggestion, and now all of the flexible rules we get are made with brass tips, although the cut on page 757 doesn't show them. The extra expense is almost nothing, and it really makes the rule worth twice as much. 

Can you put me on the track of a first-class machine for grinding hair clippers ?
1 do not find it in your metal workers' catalogue "A Book of Tools ", and it makes me wonder if such a thing is made when you haven't got it catalogued. HARRY L. CAMBLIN,
New Castle, Pa.

This is a clever compliment for "A Book of Tools". The letter head, which
we reproduce, indicates Mr. C. to be somewhat of a joker, The machine that he inquired about is in the catalogue (Fig. 895, page 254), but we call it a Surface Grinder, and, while the best machine for grinding Clippers, it is used for so many different purposes that we did not think to specify it as being a Clipper Grinder.
Many of the machines shown in this catalogue can be used for other purposes than those specified. For example, the Broom Handle Lathe, on page 858, is especially intended for broom handles, but there is no reason why one could not use it for Brush, or any Handles that are very similar to a broom handle. Throughout this catalogue will be found many machines and tools that can be used as they are or— with some slight changes —for different purposes than for which they were originally intended.

In cleaning up the shop this morning, the tools that I wrote you did not come were found among the packing. En-closed please find stamps for the tools you so generously sent to replace them. They were three Auger Files, two Nail Sets and three Drills; total 97 cts.
T. T. TEMPLIN, Paris, Ky.
We would suggest that our customers examine packages thoroughly before reporting shortage, because we won't agree to always replace shortages claimed, as we did in this case.
Please send me a 22 inch 10 point Panel Saw. I hope you have not quit making them. Be sure and send your own brand of Saws. I have three of them, and like them very much better than the Disston ; in fact, I am more than pleased with all the tools I have had from you.
Quaker City, Ohio.
The Saws this gentleman refers to were bought before we adopted the plan of putting the maker's name, as well as our own, on our Special Brand Saws, and they were all made by H. Disston & Sons. "Where Ignorance is Bliss, 'tis Folly to be (other) Wise."

We print here extracts from six letters received within a day or two:
"We understand that there is a machine made for making white wood Bungs, with a capacity of 100,000 per day. Can you inform us who makes such a machine ? Sorry to trouble you, but were told that you would know if any one. Thanking you in advance for the in-formation, etc."
"I am thinking of starting to make Corn Cob Pipes, and will need some machines. Can you tell me where I can get them ? "
"Will you please send me catalogue and prices on Fire Brigade and Extension Ladders and other Appliances, and also of the best Steam Road Rollers and Horse Sweepers."
"A client of ours is inquiring for in formation about styles and prices of machinery for making Macaroni. He wants a complete plant. Would you be good enough to furnish us with full particulars."
"It has become quite common in our office, when a perplexing question comes up in regard to Tools or Machinery, to write although we fear that up to the present time our purchases have by no means repaid you for the considerable amount of information you have furnished us from time to time.
A correspondent in South America desires a line of Machinery for making Bricks and Tiling. Will you kindly refer us to some good manufacturer of this class of machinery ?"
"Please give me information of prices, weights, etc., for machinery complete for starting a `Chewing Tobacco' manufactory, with a capacity of 200 lbs. per day ; also all written information, such as formula for preparing the juice in which the tobacco must go before pressing. I will command the machinery as soon as I get your information."
The first four inquiries are quite in our line, as we are able to supply these machines. The fifth refers to a line of machinery that we do not handle, but we are quite well posted as to the different manufacturers,
Answering inquiries of this nature is part of our business.
Please send to the undersigned full particulars in regard to Engines and Boilers, Gas Furnaces, Punches and Shears, Lubricating Oils, Rawhide Gears, and Rope Transmission.
H. W. D. , Chatham, Ont.
Just a little postal card, and yet it calls for enough information to keep us busy for a month, if we undertook to furnish "full particulars".
As stated in previous article, we are glad to answer inquiries, but this is too much.
This gentleman asks a great deal, and does not give us a single detail to work on. We are entirely in the dark as to whether he wants a punch to make an i in. hole in sheet tin, or one that will punch a 2 inch hole in 2 inch steel.
We handle 16 different styles of Steam Engines, from 2 H. P. to 500 H. P. Shall we give him "Full particulars" about all of these?
Rope Transmission and Gas Furnaces are also very broad subjects.
Such letters as this make us very, very tired. We cannot agree to handle "Glittering Generalities ". We must have a certain amount of detailed in-formation, and, while we do not always expect our customers to be able to decide just what is the best machine or article for their purposes, they had ought to know somewhere within "A row of apple trees

Little Improvements