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Mathematical Instruments – Made in Switzerland for best quality 0085

MATHEMATICAL INSTRUMENTS AND SUPPLIES. In selecting our line of Instruments and Supplies, we have had one purpose in view, to which all others have been made subservient —that is— to select only the best goods in each respective class, it is, possible for us to obtain. There is probably no line in our whole business in which so much chance for deception occurs al in this, and it always has been, and is now, our aim to present goods exactly as they are. To this we owe, to a great extent, our constantly increasing trade in this line. The following pages contain, in a very condensed form, a partial list of the goods of this line which we carry in stock, but those illustrated and described here are by no means all that we can supply. We are constantly adding to our line, and it would be impossible to illustrate (neither have we the space) our entire line of these goods.

SWISS INSTRUMENTS. Ouf Instruments have been selected with a view to having only the most useful and necessary, and as coming first, being the best, we have selected the justly celebrated Swiss Instruments, all fitted with the Alteneder Pivot Joint, which is without doubt, the best joint that was ever used in any instrument. The material from which these instruments are made is rolled German silver plate, and are the only ones made in this way. The rolling of the metal insures perfect density and hardness. To work this hard-rolled material, naturally requires more time and expense in fitting up the different parts, than to simply polish and buff the cast parts that are used in many other instruments, claiming to be "Just as good." The steel parts are hand-forged from English steel.

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These Instruments are the result of years of experience in manufacturing, and the designs are the result of many experiments and suggestions of numerous professional men.
" The loss of time arising from the use of inferior instruments, sometimes amounts to more in a single year than the cost, of a full set of the best instruments made." — Povets about Drawing
The accompanying cut, Fig. 1632, will give a very good idea of the Joint used in the Swiss Instruments.

The sides of the Joint are scraped to a surface, and are held in position by a yoke, through which two pointed set-screws pass, and they in turn are held to position by smaller screws, making it, without doubt, the best Joint for a drawing Instrument. The Instruments shown and described on pages 764 and 765 embody the ones most commonly used. They are made of the best material and workmanship, and are guaranteed to be superior tools. We desire to call attention to Figs. 1642 and 1643. These are especially useful on bolt and rivet work or where numbers of small circles are to be made.
SWISS INSTRUMENTS, IN CASE. Our Swiss Instruments are put up in a variety of sets, more or less complete. We have selected Fig. 1648 as the most desirable to show, as it contains all the more important and useful tools, and is recomn ended on this account.

Mathematical Instruments - Made in Switzerland for best quality.