The machines shown here are of late design, are well built and substantial. The Connection, Spindle, Straps and Reverse are made of steel, with heavy Stops on the Reverse, so that there is no danger of  its breaking.

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off. An especially desirable feature is the Patented Conical Split Brass Boxes, in which, the Quill and Spindle run, and the mode by which the speed of the Reverse is reduced to prevent battering and breaking of stops.

All machines have Tilting Table so as to be sot at any angle. Prices of machines include 5 Chisels; usually the No. 3 machine, and

the No. 2 machine.

No. 3 Machine, $110.50; weight, 750 lbs. 

This machine is used principally for Sash and Blinds, Cabinet work, and all medium and light mortising.

No. 2 Machine, with Plain $133.00 ;

With Plain Table and Boring Attachment, $140.00;

FIG. 5120.

MORTISING MACHINE CHISEL. When it comes to selling Mortising Machine Chisels, the dealer's let "is not a happy one." Manufacturers of

With Clamp, Pinion Feed and Swinging Table, $140.00;

With Clamp, Pinion Feed and Swinging Table, and Boring Attachment, $150.00. Weight of No. 2 machine, 1200 lbs.

This machine is designed for Doors, Sash, Blinds, Agricultural work, Carriages, Wagons, etc.

Mortising Machines have always taken a fiendish delight in making the size and taper of the holes in their machine spindles different from anything that had ever been made before, presumably so that the user of the machine would have to go to the maker for his Chisels. The idea is not a bad one so far as the

maker is concerned, but it has entailed a great amount of annoyance and inconvenience to mortising machine users.

We carry quite a line of different styles and sizes of Mortising Chisels, and can hit about one case in three. Our feelings are never hurt when our customers buy their Mortising Chisels elsewhere. Prices on Mortising Chisels range from $1.00 for the common sizes and styles, up to $2.00 for special styles and sizes.


FIG. 5121.

This cut shows the Table Tilted for cutting work on an angle. Can be tilted either way, to the right or left, and to any angle desired.

The Diamond Mortiser is by all odds the best Foot Power Mortising Machine in the market. Strong, substantial, has power-

ful motion and FIG. 5122.

large range for DIAMOND MORTISER. work. Has Horizontal, Vertical and Angle Adjustments; will mortise to 1 in. wide, 3 in deep, and with the addition of Diamond Adjustable Tenoning Tool (Pig. 5123) will cut tenons i to t in. thick, 3 in. wide.

The Chisel Reverser is attached to the upper end of Chisel Spindle, the working parts are milled to a gauge, and it is provided with a stop, to secure perfect accuracy in reversing the chisel.

Price with one each, -a, i and g in.Mortising Chisels, $22.50. Shipping weight, 200 lbs.

Diamond Mortising Chisels f, FIG. 5123.


This is a new and improved Tenoning Tool, which will be found a valuable attachment to the Diamond Mortising Machine. The knives are constructed with side lips, and have a draw or shear cut on both front and side edges, which leaves the shoulders and sides of tenon smooth and true. We can furnish this tool with shank fitted to any make of mortising machine, provided we are furnished with a templet giving exact size of shank.

Price of No. 2 Diamond Tenoning Tool, $4.50.

FIG. 5124.



This Tool will be found a valuable attachment to the Diamond Mortising Machine in making Sash, Screen Doors, Frames, and for all Tenoning.

Price, with one each 14i 1 and 1.1 in. Cutters, $4.50.


FIG. 5118. FIG. 5119.