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This is perhaps the best known and most popular style of Adjustable Hollow Auger. There are imitations, but the genuine is the best. This tool cuts any size tenon.

UNIVERSAL HOLLOW AUGER. The above illustration represents an old and well known tool, very efficient and free from complications. Cuts any size from Ff to 11 inch, and has Depth Gauge. With Round Shank (as shown in cut), $5.00; with both Round and Square Shank (for brace), $5.50.

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GOODELL HOLLOW AUGER. This is a first-class tool in all respects, and has one or two especially desirable features. It has a Steel Brace Sweep; size 14 in. Being fitted to this sweep, it works entirely true which is not always the case when used in an ordinary brace. Can be adjusted to cut from i to 14 in.

ADJUSTABLE TAPER AUGER. This works something like a hollow auger; it is used for cutting tenons on poles, shafts, whiffletrees, etc. Can be adjusted so as to cut any taper, accommodating itself to the different makes of pole and shaft tips up to the regular inch tip

ROGER'S AUGER HANDLE. A compact and handy tool.

PATENT AUGER HANDLE. This handle is suitable for all sizes augers, is strong and well made, centers perfectly, and holds auger shanks of all shapes and sizes.

PRATT'S RATCHET AUGER HANDLE. Will hold almost every size of augers and bit shanks. Can he fixed so as to be used like a common auger handle, or by putting on the ratchet can be used with both handles, but without shifting the hands. In cramped places one handle is taken off and placed at a right angle with the other (shown in cut). The metal part is polished and nickel-plated. Under some conditions it may be used as a ratchet drill, and is altogether a unique and remarkably useful tool.

COMMON AUGER HANDLES. Made of good, sound hickory

Augers for sale on Ebay. More old tools text follows.

NAIL SETS AND PUNCHES.We present here a new line of Nail Sets and Punches. These are made of the best quality of steel, are tempered at both ends, and we believe the best tools of this class that have been placed upon the market. The knurl body makes it easy to hold them without slipping through the fingers, and the cup point on the Nail Set prevents it from slipping off the nail head.


SOLID PUNCHES. The cut shows the different sizes of points; the bodies are * and A diam.

PRICK PUNCH. SET OF PUNCHES. We furnish an entire set of Nail Sets and Punches (20 in number) put up in ompact case. A very useful and hand-some outfit.

COLD CHISEL. Our Cold. Chisels are made from best quality tool steel, well tempered; aver-age length about 61 inches.

Brick Chisels about 18 in. long, of $ in. octagon steel, 75 cents.

Nail sets, cold chisels, punches, auger handles