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The Zinc Oiler, Fig. 1038, we show as a matter of habit and duty They have but one thing to recommend them —the prate They are sold in large numbers, but with the better class of users, such oilers as the Noera, Draper and others of more modern make and style are rapidly taking their place.

Brass Oilers of the same style as shown in Fig. 1038, are also sold to a limited extent.

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NOERA. The Malleable Iron Oilers, Fig. 1039, are durable and strong. The Noera Steel Oiler, Fig. 1040, is the strongest and most serviceable Oiler made,in appearance, they are painfully "plain," but they are much handsomer —or rather less ugly —than they used to be, and we still have hopes that the maker will some day either bronze or paint them, or buy a buffing lathe and some wheels and go to an expense of 6 or 8 cents a dozen to have them polished. They are made of heavy sheet steel, the spout is of steel, extra heavy and strong.

DRAPER. BENT SPOUT. The Draper Oilers (manufactured by Noera Mfg. Co.) are made in Steel, Brass, and. Brass nickel plated , they are the most popular with our trade of any oiler we sell. The bodies are stamped out of heavy steel and brass stock; the screws and spouts are heavy and strong, they have brass buttons securely fastened, and are all handsomely finished.

DRAPER STEEI. OILERS WITH LONG BENT SPOUT. We can furnish any of the above sizes of Oilers, excepting No. 12, with 9 inch long bent spout, see Fig. 10-12, at an additional cost of 8 cts. each, or 70 cts. per dozen. IT WILL BE NOTICED that we give in connection with oilers, the capacity of the various sizes. The weight of oil is approximately 16 oz., or 1 lb. to the pint.

OIL TANKS AND CANS. The line of Tanks and Cans which we show here is, in point of finish, quality of materials and workmanship, the best that can be produced. We cannot cormpete with the cheap, light tanks that are sold generally, or given away, to secure the sale of a barrel of oil.

AZTEC OIL TANK. This is cheapest Tank we care to sell. It is made of best quality galvanized iron in body. bottom and pan Wood bottom under the metal The price includes a Force Pump, as shown in Fig 1074. 30 gals, $6 00. These Tanks have been in use for over twenty years, and are the standard. They are made from heavy galvanized iron, and of full capacity The price of all sizes includes a Measuring and Lift Pump. This Pump is 1} inches in diameter, with special Valve and Brass Stuffing Box.

PATENT MEASURING PUMP. The discharge tube is small enough to go into all styles of Oilers, and, as the Pump measures accurately, Oilers can be quickly filled and not run over. The valves of these Pumps are of brass, ground air tight and carefully tested.

CABINET OIL TANK These Tanks are made of heavy galvanized iron, are protected by wood frame, mounted on three -wheel casters, and all nicely finished. With Measuring Pump, 60 gals.,$18.00; 110 gals , $23 00; Double, 55 gals. at each end, with 2 Pumps, $30.00.

STRAIGHT TANK. We can furnish to order Straight Tanks, both high and low pattern, with brass Faucets, or any style of Gate, made of any material, in all sizes from 10 to 600 gallons capacity.



Oilers, Oil Tanks, Oil Pumps