Olmstead Miter Box & Miter Plane 0078

OLMSTEAD MITER BOX. In this Box is furnished a low priced substitute for the ordinary homemade affair, which is as a rule a pretty poor thing. These Boxes can be used with Back, Panel or Hand saw. The frames are made of best quality hard wood well finished. Price, without saw, $1.75.which a frame may be completed. Any size frame from 61 in. square and upwards, mouldings 5 in. wide or less, can be joined complete. The saw guides are placed in the center, by means of which a longer stroke is obtained, thus producing work very fast.

ADJUSTABLE JOINT CUTTER AND PLANER. This machine, although improved considerably within the last year or two, has been on the market for upwards of fifteen years, and there are nearly twenty thousand of them in use. It is undoubtedly the best Miter Machine in the market; is used by Picture Frame Sash, Door and Blind, Cabinet and Furniture manufacturers, and in every branch where mitering is done. It is simple and easy to operate, and produces clean and perfect miters. The knives have a steady, powerful shearing cut, and will not break the rabbit or injure the ornament or finish on the face of a moulding.

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MITER PLANER. This Planer is arranged for planing any desired angle on straight or curved work. The main bed piece is semi-circular in form, with ways at the rear on which the plane runs.

COMPOSITION MITER PLANE. This Plane is especially adapted for planing perfect miter on all kinds gilt, composition and hardwood mouldings without injuring the ornament or finish.

WHEEL MITER PLANER. This is of the same type as Fig. 3571. It will plane mouldings 5 in. high and 7 in. wide. The knives are four in number, 6 in. wide, and are reversible.

TRIMMER (rear view). The above illustration represents a Bench Trimmer that is used very generally by Pattern Makers, Carpenters, Builders and Wood Workers. There are upwards of ten thousand of these Trimmers in use. It will trim 7 in. wide and double miter 5i in. wide.When desired we can furnish a Stand upon which Trimmer may be mounted. Weight of Stand 125 lbs.

JOHNSON MITER BOX. This Miter Box is, we believe, the best of the medium priced miter boxes. It can be used with either a back or a panel saw, and can be set at all the commonly used angles.

COMBINED MITER SAWING MACHINE AND VISE. This machine is designed for sawing and joining any kind of moulding, and is used almost entirely by picture frame makers. It is the only machine upon

Olmstead Miter Box & Miter Plane