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EDITOR's NOTE. —We have reserved a few pages here for answering in a general way, many inquiries we are likely to get. The Texts for these "Sermonettes" have in nearly all cases been furnished by our correspondents, and the answers are —for the most part— such as have been embodied in letters to these correspondents. Many of the questions treated are matters of every-day occurrence, and in printing them we feel that it may be the means of saving considerable labor of correspondence to our-selves, as well as others. Besides, we can go into the subjects more fully than the limits of ordinary letter-writing allow. To explain further, we would say that these letters in almost all cases refer to articles shown in former catalogues. In treating questions of an unpleasant nature, we have refrained from printing the names of our correspondents. Otherwise the names and addresses are given in full.  

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The Swing or Slash Saw is used in Sash and Door Factories, Planing Mills, Box Factories, in fact for all mills where lumber is to be cut into equal lengths with square ends. The demand for these Saws is constantly growing, and the sale is probably live to one et what it was five years ago.

All three mach

FIG. 4096. Ines shown here 1105, 1 AND 2 are arranged with SWING SAW. Counterbalance, so constructed that the Saw is handled with ease. Prices do not include Saws.

No. 1 Swing Saw, $45.00, 6 ft. 8 in. over all ; weight, 500 lbs,

No. 2 Swing Saw, $48.00, 7 ft. 8 in. over all ; weight, 550 lbs.

These machines will take any Saw up to 18 in. diam. Countershaft is so constructed as to permit an adjustment of 4 inches.

Can furnish same machine to go on ceiling if desired; prices are the same.

No. 3 Swing Saw, $47.00, 7 It. over all; weight, 500 lbs.

No. 4 Swing Saw, $50.00, 8 ft. over all; weight, 550 lbs.

These machines take Saw up to 18 inFIG. 4097.

NOS 3 AND 4 NO. 5


diam. The Swing Frame is sustained by hearings in hanger boxes entirely independent of the revolving parts. Hanger boxes are pivoted, and by means of hand wheel and screw can be raised or lowered 4 in. This machine can be used bolted to a wall or uprights, but when this is done, the adjusting feature is lost.

No 5 Swing Saw, $45.00, weight, 350 lbs.

This machine is made almost entirely of heavy tubing. In some sections this style of Saw is preferred, but we do not consider it as good as the others, the only advantageous feature being the lightness Is suitable for any size Saw up to 20 in, diam., and is furnished in any length from 6 to 9 ft


Enclosed find stamps for your latest catalogue of wood-working tools. I really want this catalogue for the use of my men, that they may see and be induced to use only the latest and best tools that can be obtained.


Portsmouth, Va.

From the letter head we ascertain that Mr. Overman is a General Con-tractor and Builder. As a rule, con-tractors and builders figure on getting a certain amount for a completed job, and it strikes us that it is decidedly to the interest of every employer to see that his men are supplied with tools suitable for doing the best work in the least amount of time.

On page 817, the article "Your Own Tools", treats this question from the mechanic's point of view.


Please give me the best price on Steel Dowel Pins (Pig. 1601, page 452 of your catalogue). Your prompt attention will oblige, D. G. W., , Ont.

This gentleman's request was reason-able and perfectly plain, but for fearthat we were as stupid and thick-headed as himself, he tore out the leaf containing the illustration and prices, which practically spoiled two pages, containing Expansion Bolts, Brass and Iron Turn Buckles, Brass Clamps, Escutcheon Pins, Wire Staples, Corrugated Steel Fasteners and Brass Gongs, be-sides the article asked for.

To be sure, the book was his and he had a right to do with it as he chose. But - -.


Your "Book of Tools" received some time ago. I find it very useful, and while it may be treating you unjustly, I have been using it as a guide to keep our local dealers from charging outrageous prices. You have many useful tools that cannot be obtained in this city, which I think I will be able to buy from you.

J. T. DAVIS, Pittsburgh, Pa.

We are glad to see that you appreciate the fact that it is hardly fair to us to use our catalogue in the way you describe, but human nature is very much alike all the world over, and we will feel properly grateful for orders for such goods as you cannot obtain at home.

FIG. 4098

FIG 4099.


These Tables are either 12 or 14 ft. frame being securely joint-bolted to-long as preferred, with 14 in. Bed, and gether A Roller is inserted in every are 30 in. high. Are made of hard other opening; Scale Board is plainly maple thoroughly kiln-dried, top and marked. Price, $27.00.

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