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We have in past years given advice, more or less valuable, to hundreds of Patentees and would-be investors in Patents, and we know of instances in which our advice has saved thousands of dollars. In no case have we received in return more than a "Thank you", and in the majority of cases not even that (and pay our own postage).

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Well, after having dealt out gratuitous advice all these years, and believing that our experience of nearly thirty years has placed us in a position where our opinion in matters of this kind may be of considerable value to those who have entered the field of Patents, and others who contemplate doing so, we have concluded to establish a department in which matters of this kind shall be treated. 

The patent attorney seldom makes it his business to ascertain whether the
Here are cuts of three Pipe Wrenches, models of all of which were received in one day. They had all been patented. One party wanted to sell us the patent outright, another simply wanted our opinion as to the mechanical value of the tool, while the third wanted prices on a complete outfit of machinery for making his wrenches.
Without going into the details of the practical value of these tools, we would say briefly, that, in our judgment, the Commercial value (which to those directly interested is the true standard) is less than the cost of obtaining the patents.cost of marketing the goods may be greater than the profits, whether the article fills a long -felt —or "unfelt"—want, or how many articles of like kind there may be in the market, etc., etc.
Our intention is to furnish as full and complete information as we possess or are able to obtain in regard to the Practical and Commercial value of Patents. We will not agree that our information will always be pleasant, or even satisfactory to our clients. Despite the alluring statements in the advertising matter of "shyster" patent lawyers, the fact still remains that not one patented article in twenty proves a moneymaker; and it may be found less expensive to pay us a small amount at the start, than to pay patent fees of from $60.00 upwards, or— if the patent has been secured —to pay perhaps twenty times this amount in time and money, only to find that there are similar articles in the market that may be better, or that may be made more cheaply; or, in fact, any one of a dozen causes that make the patent of little value.
Understand, that we do not buy or sell Patents; also, that the information we purpose furnishing relates only to Tools, Machinery, Hardware, Supplies, and kindred lines such as are suggested by our catalogue.
We know of good Patent Attorneys; men who will give competent and honest service at reasonable prices.

Our fee for attending to matters of this sort will be $10.00, which amount must invariably accompany any inquiry. If we think we can do you no good, the $10.00 will be returned; but as a rule, it will be just as well for you to say "good-bye" to the 10 when you send it. Inquiries unaccompanied by the cash will not be answered.