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We aim to have the temper as perfect as is possible. The lengths given are over all, and an idea of the size can be gained by this. Postage on any of these is 5 cents.
Used for bench work, for whittling, and in Sloyd (manual training) work.
This tool staggers along under a pretty big name. We didn't christen it; the makers are to blame. It is for rounding and chamfering corners, is a simple, efficient and useful little tool and is sold quite extensively to pattern makers, cabinet makers, carriage builders, etc. Is made in five sizes.


This tool is very popular among pattern makers and picture framers for cutting thin stuff. It is very strong, and will be .found of value for many classes of work. The handle is of rose-wood and brass, nickel plated, and is 4$ inches long ; blades are 7 inches long, + inch wide and about 3u thick;
Large size (see cut), $1.00. Small size similar to cut, but without cutter on side, $0.75. Pocket Rase Knife, $0.75.

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Glass cutters on Ebay; text continues below.

The Wheel Glass Cutter has established itself as a most useful tool. The main trouble with the majority of Wheel Glass Cutters sold is, that they are made up for sale by peddlers and department stores, and are so poorly and cheaply made as to be of very little account. The line of Cutters we show here is altogether the best line we know of. The cutters are carefully hardened and ground, and every tool is tested before leaving the factory. As a consequence, they are higher in price than others. However, the price is not very high, and if you use a tool of this kind it might pay you to try one. Prices include postage.
TURRET HEAD. No. 1 Turret Head, 6 cutters, nickelcd throughout, rosewood finished handles.
The wheels of the Turret Head Cutters may be removed and the cutters replaced in a moment's time.
DOUBLE CUTTER. No. 3 Double Cutter, polishe frame, enameled wood handle.
No. 4 Double Cutter, polished frame, putty knife combined. Each, $0.18; Doz., $1.63.
CIRCLE SWEEP CUTTER. This is used for cutting circles, rounding lights, etc. The base is of hardwood, with rubber bottom to prevent slipping. No. 2, suitable for circles from 3 to 20 inches, $0.35. No. 3, for circles from 3 to 40 inches, $0.45; post-age on either, 10 cents. Extra Cutter Heads, $0.15 each.
This machine for glazing sash saves time and money. By its use one may accomplish as much work in ten minutes as by the ordinary method in an hour (better work too). The points are cemented together in columns of about 100 each, and cost but little more (by actual count) than ordinary glaziers' points.
No. 1 machine, for points 1 in. long, $2.00; No. 2 machine, for points + in. long, $3.00. No. 1 machine is 6$ in. long; No. 2, 8$ in. long. Points are size shown in cut. No. 1 Points, per pack-age (5000), only $0.50; No. 2 Points, per package (4000), $0.50. Special price on Points in large quantities.
We have before us two letters just received; one from Maryland, one from Illinois. Both state that the writers have lost their tools by fire, and no insurance. Not one mechanic in five hundred insures his tools against fire. The cost of insurance is, in most cases, a very small item compared with the loss of the tools. Only a very rich man can afford to be without insurance. Consult an insurance agent.

Pattern makers knives & glass cutters