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Perfect, Millers Falls, Snell & Ajax boring machines 0052

In Nut Augers we carry three different styles. All are the very best in their respective classes, and it merely rests with the user as to which he may select. It will be noticed there is quite a difference in the price.BORING MACHINE AUGER. Average length about 12 in.

In Boring Machine Augers we carry the same styles as in Nut Augers. We beg to call attention to the fact that the Machine Bits shown in Figs. 3345 to 3359 (excepting Fig. 3351) have shanks inch in diam., and if the occasion requires can be used in almost all styles of boring machines.

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Bores the fastest and is the most durable, but is not recommended for soft woods. The cut on top of page (Fig. 3338) shows the style of lip and twist

For Expansive Boring Machine Auger see Expansive Bits

REGULAR AUGER. The Regular or Square Lip style (Fig. 3332) is the most commonly sold, on account of the low price. The majority of this type of Augers that are sold are of very inferior quality. We sell only the Snell Mfg. Co's make, which is, in our judgment, altogether the best in the market. The prices of this superior make are low enough in all conscience, so that there is really no necessity for anyone buying the common, poor things that are so generally offered.

Bores the fastest and is the most durable, but does not bore so clean a hole in soft wood as the "Perfect." This machine may be used upright or at any angle. It is the best hand boring machine ever placed upon the market; is well fitted and finely finished, and we think it will do better work and give greater satisfaction than any other. For other styles see Figs. 3341 and 3342.

Boring machines for sale on Ebay. You will notice there has been a lot of progress in 100 years! The old ones described in the catalog were all hand powered. More old tools text follows.

REGULAR BORING MACHINE AUGERS. These are the Snell Mfg. Co's. make, and the remarks made under Fig. 3332, Regular Auger, will apply fully to these Boring Machine Augers.

AJAX BORING MACHINE. This machine is very simple, strong and substantial ; can be set to bore any depth hole, and withdraws quickly automatically. An especial feature is that any kind of a bit can be used whether the shank is long or short, round or square. Can be used upright or at any angle ; has extension arms, and folds compactly. Price, $6.00.

SNELL BORING MACHINE. (Angular.) These are the ordinary type of Boring Machines, and are the best quality of this style of machine. Where there is not a great deal of boring, or in cases where a man cannot afford to pay the price of the other machines, they answer very well (see also Fig. 3337).

Perfect, Millers Falls, Snell & Ajax boring machines