This is a Single Belted Machine, of excellent design, and intended especially for the requirements of Job Shops and small Planing Mills, where a large variety of custom work is done, and where space and power are limited. It will Surface, Tongue, Groove and make Flooring, Beading, Siding and various styles of Flat Moulding. Capacity about 15,000 lineal ft. per day.

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Will plane 244 in. wide, 7 in. thick, and Matches 12 in. wide. Price includes Countershaft, Matcher Head and Knives. Price, $255.00; wght. 2300 tbs. 

Adapted for Furniture and Cabinet Factories, Planing and Saw Mills, Carriage and Wagon Shops, etc., etc. Has Double Belted Cylinder, and is a strong, heavy machine. Planes 26 in. wide, 7 in. thick, and Matches up to 14 in. wide. Capacity about 17,000 lineal ft. per day. Price includes Countershaft, Matcher Head and Knives.
Price, $300.00; weight, 3000 lbs.PLANERS:

The machines which are shown in Figs. 5213 to 5215 stand in a class by themselves. They have been on the market for over twenty years; thous-ands have been sold (there being not less than 300 of these different machines in use in our own State). In design they are somewhat old-fashioned, al-though improvements have been added from time to time. As compared with more modern machines, they are rather light. The workmanship throughout is quite good.
While it is with some hesitancy that we place this line of Machinery in a book that is given up almost entirely to the best grades of Tools and Machinery, we are impelled to this action, first, by the fact that there are many instances where users cannot afford to pay the price of the best Machinery, and second, that the machines themselves have, to the best of our knowledge, given excellent satisfaction wherever used.
This machine has two Feed Rollers ; one before and one behind the Cutter Head. Cone Pulley has two speeds.
It is very easily adjusted; is suitable for hard or soft wood. Planes up to 6 in. thick. Is made in four sizes, suit-able for planing stuff 12i, 16, 18 and 20 in. wide.
12i in. Machine $85.50
16 " " 90.00
18 " " ° 96.00
20 " " 103.00
Above prices do not include Counter-
shaft, which is $13.50 extra. Four out of five of these machines are sold with-out the Countershaft.
FIG. 5214.
This machine is used largely in Sash, Door and Blind factories ; is readily changed for different thicknesses of lumber; has a Feed Roll outside of the cutter head, to carry lumber clear from the machine after the lower head has done its work. Three sizes are made, planing 16, 20 and 24 in. wide, and 8 in. thick.
16 in. Machine $160.00
20 " " 200.00
24 " " 225.00
Prices include Countershaft. PLANER, MATCHER AND MOULDER.
The illustration which follows shows the Double Surfacing Machine, but the Single Surfacer is quite similar in de-sign and construction.
The general construction of the Single Surfacing Machine is such, that to change for planing different thicknesses, the Bed or frame that lumber rests on while being planed is raised by a single crank. There is no part of the machine that can not be easily reached from the outside. The Matcher Heads are set outside the Feed Rollers, and Reader and Moulder Heads. Machine has two rates of speed.
Price, 20 in. Machine, $250.00 ; 24 in. Machine, $270.00.
Beading Attachment, $18.00 ; Four-Sided Slotted Steel Moulding Head, $9.00.
FIG. 5215.
This machine is well adapted for small shops where but one Planer is used, as it will do a great variety of work. Planes from 4 to 6 in. thick up to the width capacity of the machine. Will tongue and groove flooring, plane casings both sides and both edges, either square or bevel, or mould one or both edges at the same time. Is easily changed from Double to Single Surfacing, also from Planing and Matching to Surfacing.
Price, 20 in. Machine, $315.00: 24 in. Machine, $337.50.
Beading and Moulding Attachments, $27.00 extra.
Valuable for obtaining the Lineal Measurement of lumber run through Moulding, Planing and Sawing Machines.
Can be attached to nearly all styles of machines. Surface measure can be readily computed when desired, and by removing Register and inserting a steel center, as shown in cut, an accurate speed indicator is obtained.
Price, $20.00.