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PLUMB BOBS. Until quite recently, the only Plumb Bobs that were offered for sale were the common cast. Iron and lead, and perhaps two sizes of cast brass, all very indifferently made as regards finish or accuracy. Within the past few years, however, there has been quite an "epidemic" of new makes —many of them good. We have selected, out of the different kinds we have handled, those which we consider superior. Although we carry in stock and sell the cheap Bobs, ranging in price from ten to thirty-five cents, we have not deemed it necessary to illustrate and price ,them. A good low priced Plumb Bob, made of cast brass with a steel point; is well finished.

LAMP PLUMB BOB The Lamp Plumb Bob, Fig. 981, priced below, was originally made in two or three sizes, especially for millwright's use, and to the best of our knowledge, was the first good Plumb Bob made for general sale, manufactured of the best cast bronze, has long steel point fitted in tapering hole through the body, and held by a cap, as shown. These Bobs are furnished in quite a variety of sizes, to suit all tastes and purposes.

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MERCURY PLUMB BOB. This, in our judgment, is altogether the finest Plumb Bob ever placed upon the market. It is made of steel, bored out and filled with mercury or quick silver. Mercury being from 60 to 70 per cent heavier than brass or steel, it makes the Bob unusually heavy In proportion to its size, and the center of gravity low The comparatively' small diameters allow it to be used close to corners and walls, and render it less easily affected by drafts of air The points are hardened, and the bodies and points are ground. These Plumb Bobs are nickel plated, and each is furnished with a braided silk line.As a means of comparison, we might say that the No. 3 Lamp Plumb Bob ( Fig. 951) measures 61 inch in length ; the No. 6, 7# inch In length.

LINES AND CORD The most difficult feature in describing lines is to give an adequate idea of the different. diameters or thicknesses The material being yielding it. is next to impossible to measure them In the above cut we attempt to give an idea of the various sizes, but the cut is only approximately correct.

BRAIDED SILK AND LINEN LINES. Our Braided Silk Lines are made of pure silk: they cost about one-half more than the "raw" silk and are well worth the difference. They come 25 yards on a board; can furnish 100 yards in one piece. The Linen Lines also are the best quality. Price on Silk and Linen Lines include postage.

BRAIDED LINEN LINES. We also carry in stock Hard Braided Linen Lines, in coils of 50 yards, these are slightly heavier than the regular lines. We can furnish, if required, 1,000 feet in one continuous length. Price, per coil, all sizes, 60 cts.

COTTON MASONS' LINES. The Mason's Line is a twisted line, and comes in 100 feet hanks. We have two sizes Nos. 6 and 8; the No. 6 is about inch in diameter.

BRAIDED CORD. The Braided Cord we carry both in Cotton and Linen, the Linen Cord being used where greatest strength and wearing qualities are essential. The "B" quality Cotton Cord is the most generally sold, although, in our judgment, the "A" quality is more desirable, being made of finer stock and more closely woven. All sizes up to No. 12 come in 100 feet hanks; larger sizes,in 500 feet coils. The prices given below are on 100 feet lengths, but, we sell any quantity, small or large.

CORD GRIP. The Cord Grip is a substitute for the knot used in hanging sash cord, It will not untie and makes quite a saving in. By using the larger sizes for the smaller cord they can also be used for splicing in an end. such as would he necessary in the formation of a loop. Will be pleased to name prices or furnish information in reference to Manilla, Sisal and Henip Ropes in all sizes and dimensions.

BRAIDED AWNING LINES. The following Lines, although known as Awning Lines, are used by Masons, Upholsterers, and for all purposes where a fine, strong line is required. They are put up in hanks of 4S feet each. We also have this cord in size No. 5, which measures A inch in diameter; it comes in 100 feet hanks Price, per hank, 75 cts. ; per dozen, $7,50

WIRE SASH CORD. The above cut of Wire Sash Cord is the very best one we could get, and while it is not perfect it will show or give a fair idea of the Cord, which is made of fine wire twisted as an ordinary rope. It is very soft and pliable, and will prove very useful for a great variety of purposes. We can also furnish the above Rope in galvanized or plain iron wire.

Plumb bobs, cords, and more plumb bobs