Pond Ice saw, cross cut saws from 1897 0073

The Star brand. The regular saws have 14 teeth to the inch; the fine toot h blades (used for cutting tubing and thin metals) 23 teeth to the inch.

These we carry in stock with Champion tooth as shown in cut, or with Plain tooth. Prices are alike. Can furnish shorter and longer sizes to order.

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REGULAR CROSS-CUT SAWS. We carry in stock a very complete line of Cross-Cut Saws, with different styles of teeth, in lengths of from 4 to 7 ft. Prices upon application.

POND ICE SAW. Tapered, 7 inch butt, 5 inch point, No. 10 gauge, set and sharpened; price, complete, $0.90 per ft. Common lengths are 4, 4i and 5 ft. WHEN ORDERING please do not fail to give the Figure Number and Size wanted. Long delays are not infrequent when the proper sizes and kinds are not specified —this is important.

SAW SETS. When the fever of invention attacks a mechanic, if he is a machinist or engineer his attention is turned toward the improvement of Wrenches; if a carpenter or wood worker, he thinks what the world needs is a better Saw Set than it happens to possess at that particular time. In our experience of about thirty years, we have seen— in embryo and full fledged —not less than 200 styles of Saw Sets. We have handled and sold at least fifty different kinds. A few of these were good, many of them indifferent, and more were of so little account that we hope we may be forgiven for having sold them. We are constrained to believe that no other concern in the world has had quite as much experience in the line of Saw Sets as ours. In our earlier experience we sold more of the style of sets known as Hammer Saw Sets.

About fifteen years ago the Morrill Saw Set was brought out, and met with great favor. It was a radical departure from any of the styles then in use, and had a number of good features. We presume that since the Morrill Saw Sets were placed upon the market, there have been more of them sold than of all other kinds put together and we understand that Mr. Chas. Morrill has made a handsome fortune out of the manufacture and sale of this Saw Set.

There are four types of Sets for Hand Saws. The first is the Plate Set, which consists of a steel plate or bar with notches cut in it, the tooth being inserted in a notch suiting its thickness and bent over. This is the oldest style, and is but little used ; we do not sell them. The second is the Hammer Saw Set. One of the oldest and best known styles of this type is the Aiken ( Fig. 3541). Others are the Bemis & Call, Roth, Barton, Eclipse, Smith, etc. The third is the Hand Lever type, worked like a pair of plyers, and in the use of which the tooth is bent and "squeezed" or compressed into position ; the best known of this type are the Morrill and Taintor. Others are the Leach, Nash. Keeler, Monarch, etc. The fourth is the Spring Lever although this can hardly be called a distinct type, as it is perhaps more of a Hammer Saw Set than anything.

WAGON ICE SAW. marked with figures, the figures showing the number of teeth to the inch in the saw to be set; for example, if the saw has four teeth to the inch, turn the anvil until the figure 4 comes up directly in front of the plunger, and so on.

AIKEN SAW SET. This is one of the oldest styles of Hammer Saw Sets, and is, we believe, one of the best —if not the best. There are imitations made, but the genuine is now very cheap, and is superior.

TAINTOR SAW SET. The Taintor Saw Set is one of the latest styles, and we think it is the best of the Hand Lever Saw Sets. In the short time that they have been on the market, there have been thousands of them sold, and we have not known of a single case of dissatisfaction.

MORRILL'S SAW SET NO. 95. This is the latest and best form of the Morrill Perfect Saw Set. The revolving anvil with indicator subdivided
STYLE OF NOS. 3, 4 AND 5. No. 3 for Cross Cut and Circular Saws from 14 to 20 gauge. No. 4 for Cross Cut Saws with either M or Champion teeth from 14 to 20 gauge. No. 5— This is the heaviest Set of this kind made; used for Timber and Board Saws from 6 to 14 gauge.

SAW SWAGE OR UPSET. No. 3, $1.80, for small Circular and Band Saws ; No. 2, $2.25, for small and medium Circular and Mill Saws; No. 1, $2.70, for large Circular Saws.

SAW JOINTER. An excellent little tool for Hand Saws of all kinds.

EXCELSIOR SAW TOOLS. Comprising a combined Jointer, Rake Tooth Gauge, Side File, Setting Block and Set Gauge. Packed in box with full instructions.

Pond Ice saw, cross cut saws from 1897