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(In our Metal Workers' catalogue, "A Book of Tools" (see page 744 of this book) we illustrate, describe and price a great variety of Machinery and Appliances for the transmission of Power.
Perhaps it would have been well for us to have included a line of these goods in this catalogue, but we feel confident that any one having this book will want the other, and it seems unnecessary for us to put this matter in both catalogues, besides, it is confoundedly expensive.  

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Beginning with the source of Power —Boilers and Engines —we have Upright Boilers from 2 to 40 H. P., and Horizontal Boilers from 10 to 300 H. P. (have just completed the installation of seven 300 H. P. boilers for a large municipal lighting plant) Vertical Engines from 2 to 20 H. P., Horizontal Engines from 5 to 300 H. P. in all types.

Gas and Gasoline Engines are becoming more and more popular every day (within the past week we have sold one each, 2, 4, 10, 15 and 25 H. P.) We have no doubt but that for small Powers the Gas Engine is destined to supplant the Steam Engine, in a large majority of cases. There are about one hundred and twenty five concerns in this country making Gas Engines, and it is safe to say that not more than one-half of these concerns know what a good Gas Engine means. We have spent large sums of money and much time investigatingthis matter, and honestly believe there are not more than a half dozen first-class Gas Engines in the market. We handle one of the half-dozen.

Water Motors are also being used more from time to time. When conditions are right, this is the cheapest form of Power.

After the Engine comes Hangers, Shafting, Couplings, Collars, Clutches, Belting and Pulleys—Wood, Iron and Steel Rim. We carry in stock Cold-Rolled Shafting from + to 417,; in., Hangers to match in four or five different styles, Wood Pulleys from 3 in. diam. to 72 in. (can furnish up to 360 in.), Couplings and Collars of all sizes, and where articles called for are regular —not special —we can usually fill orders for this class of goods on the same day that order is received. Special Appliances, such as Balance Wheels, Mule Pulley Stands, Binder Frames, Belt Tighteners, etc., we are prepared to furnish in reasonable time.

Gearing of all kinds we can supply. We carry in stock a large variety of Brass and Iron Gears from + to 24 in., and can furnish up to any size.

Leather Belting we carry in stock from the little in. round. up to 24 in. Extra Heavy Double.

We have a very complete equipped belt shop, and we recently made for a customer a 3-ply leather belt 36 in. wide and 108 ft. long —some concerns can make bigger belts than this though. We have, in fact, all Supplies used about a Power Plant, such as Lace Leather, Belting Tools, Rubber and Cotton Hose, Packing, Waste, Oils and Greases, etc., etc.

TO SUM UP —We believe that we carry in stock a larger variety of such Tools, Machinery and Supplies as appertain to a Power Plant, than any

other concern. We are aware that this statement may seem a little boastful, but are certain that a careful perusal of this catalogue and " A Book of Tools " will go a long way towards convincing the reader that our claim is in reality

a modest one.


FIG. 5095.


This machine is designed more especially for small mills, and for those whose work does not demand the larger, heavier machines. The design is good, the machine is stiff and strong, and occupies small space. Feed consists of two 5 in. Rolls, strongly geared. Feed can be stopped or reversed without stopping the machine. Rolls are adjustable together, or independent. This machine is without doubt the most simple and effective Self-Feed Siding and Re-Saw ever offered to the trade, and can be used to advantage in many of the larger mills. Price, with one 24 in. Circular Saw, $125.00; weight, 800 lbs.

PIG. 5096.


This is an excellent machine for Saw and Planing Mills, Furniture Factories, etc. Feed works consist of four 5+ in. Roils, which can be instantly set to any bevel. Saw is adjustable to and from Roll; two changes of Feed are provided for; machine has a capacity according

CO., DETROIT, MICH., U. S. A. 905

to the kind of work, of from 50 to 100 lineal ft. per minute. Rolls are Self-Centering, which permits, for example, a I in. board to follow a 1+ in. board, without a separate adjustment of the Roll. If desired, either set of Rolls can be made stationary while the other yields, which enables the operator to cut a f or in. slab off a board of any thickness up to 4 in.

Price, with 24 in. Saw, splitting 10 in. wide, $220.00; with 30 in. Saw, splitting 13 in. wide $230.00; weight, 1500 lbs.

FIG. 5097.


This machine is furnished with either Solid or Segment Saw. The Segment Saw while more expensive, has the ad-vantage of using very little saw kerf. Like the machine shown in Fig. 5096, both sets of Rolls can be adjusted at the same time, or independently, by the crank handle shown on the end. Clamp Rolls are provided outside of Feed Roll, near the top of the saw, for the purpose of holding the lumber as rigid on the top as on the bottom, and thus prevents stub shorts. These Rolls are fitted with pressure springs, and will hold a thin board while the Rolls are open for a thicker one following. These Clamp Rolls are fitted to the Feed Roll housings, and move with them, having all necessary adjustments.

Price, 36 in. Machine, splitting 16 in. wide, with Solid Blade, $300.00; with Segment Blade, $330.00; weight 1800 lbs.

Price, 42 in. Machine, splitting 19 in. wide, with Solid Blade, $330.00; with Segment Blade, $360.00; weight 2000 lbs.