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GROUND QUARTZ. Under the above general title comes the material used on ordinary sand or Flint Paper. Among manufacturers it is most commonly known under the name of "Sand."
Is used largely by manufacturers of all kinds of wooden goods. The grades correspond with the numbers used on sand or flint paper; No. 0 being the finest, No. 4 the coarsest ( although No. 3 sand paper is the coarsest that is commonly used and sold). Ground Quartz, small lots, 3 cts. per lb. ; in lots of 25 to 100 lbs., 2 cts. per lb. Special prices named on large quantities. We ship this in Stark grain bags, for which we charge market price, which averages 15 cts. These bags hold from 125 to 150 lbs.

SAPPHIRE QUARTZ. This Quartz bears about the same relation to ordinary Quartz or Flint as Corundum does to Emery. It will do two or three times as much work as the ordinary Quartz (some of our customers say five times as much). A Sand Belt 6 in. wide and 12 ft. long takes about 4 oz. of Quartz. Tho cost of labor and glue is at least four times as much as the cost of the Quartz, therefore it follows that a material which will last two or three times as long as the other is much cheaper at two or three tines the price. We trust that what we have written about Sapphire Quartz will induce our readers —if they use this kind of material —to give it a trial. Sapphire Quartz, small lots, 6 cts. per lb.; in lots of 25 to 100 lbs., 5 cts per lb. Special prices will be named on large quantities. Like the regular Ground.

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SAMPLES OF QUARTZ. We will send 6 Sample Bottles As-sorted Quartz by mail, on receipt of 10 cts. for packing and postage.

ENDLESS POLISHING BELTS. This is altogether the most desirable form of Belt for Sand or Emery. The Belts are made especially for this purpose, being composed of two thicknesses of heavy duck, with a layer of vulcanized rubber between. We carry in stock Belts of the following lengths : 10 ft. 6 in., 12 ft., 14 ft. and 16 ft., and can furnish to order Belts of any length.

WOVEN COTTON SAND BELTS. This is a Single Ply Canvas Belt made especially for this purpose. The ordinary cotton belt is too heavy and Clumsy. Good, heavy canvas answers the purpose very well, but as the edge must be left raw, it is apt to ravel, while these belts are made with selvedge on both sides. The ends are usually joined by sewing; sometimes by gluing. We are inclined to the belief that the Endless Polishing Belts are the best and cheap.

GLUE. On page 803 we describe and price an Emery Glue that is especially desirable for Sand Belts and Wheels. It is very essential to have the proper Glue for this class of work.

MYSTIC GLUE. This is a Liquid Glue, made especially for Sand Belts, Sand and Emery Wheels, Buffers, etc. It is used cold; is not recommended for wood work. Will be found a most excellent article; convenient and economical.

BELT STRAPPING MACHINES.These machines are used for finishing both round and irregular forms of wood work, such as Handles, Pins, Spokes, Neck Yokes, etc., etc. Steel and Iron work can also be finished by using Emery instead of Quartz or Sand. This is a compact, convenient and durable machine. Each belt is strained independently. Length of belt with regular pulleys is 11 ft. Belt Pulleys are 20 and 14 in. diam., 6 in face.

VERTICAL SAND BELT MACHINE. We can furnish a machine similar to the foregoing, excepting that the Belts are nearly vertical and parts are secured to a hard wood frame.

NO. 2 DOUBLE SAND BELT MACHINE. The frame of this machine is made of hard wood, is strong and substantial. The Idler Pulleys (10x8) are independent of each other, and have Lateral Adjustments to provide for tension of bolts. This machine is used principally in Chair, Carriage and Furniture work. Table is of kiln dried cherry, and can be tilted for beveled work. For polishing irregular sawed edges of almost any shape, it is especially valuable.

Quarts, Sand & sanding belts