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Ratchet Brace vs Plain Brace 0044

This is one of the strongest of Braces, and is especially desirable for wagon makers. Nickel Plated, Cocobola Head and Handle. No. 117 is, we believe, the largest Bit Brace made.

DRILL BRACE. This consists of a first-class 10 Inch Sweep Ratchet Brace, with Ball Bearing Head, and with Cut Gear Wheels speeded about 3 to 1 for drilling. Be-sides the regular set of Jaws suitable for Auger Bits, there is an extra set for holding Round Shank Drills. The Gear is easily taken off, so that it can be used as an ordinary Brace. While not by any means equal in general use-fulness to the two separate tools, it will be found desirable where space for storing is limited.

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PLAIN BRACES vs. RATCHET BRACES. In the past few years there has been a marked tendency toward the use of Ratchet Braces for all kinds of work. The application of the Ratchet principle to Bit Braces was a most excellent idea, and the largely increased sales of this form of Brace show that the mechanical public appreciate a good thing. Any one who uses a Ratchet Brace will be apt to know all about its useful and most excellent features. There are certain kinds of work and also certain situations where the Ratchet Brace can be used, and where the Plain Brace cannot.

On the other hand, the Plain Brace possesses certain advantages, among which are the following :
First, it is considerably lighter. An 8 inch Plain Brace weighs 26 ounces, while the same size and style in the Ratchet Brace weighs 37 ounces (nearly 50 per cent heavier). In doing a great deal of boring this difference in weight would be felt. In using light bits especially, one can do considerably more work with the Plain Brace.
Second, it is stronger, more rigid and more durable. The extra joints necessary in forming the ratchet tend to weaken, and the extra wear occasioned by these joints and the Ratchet attachment is considerable. In our judgment, a Plain Brace will last 50 per cent longer than a Ratchet Brace.
Third, the Plain Brace is cheaper by from 20 to 35 per cent.
TO SUM UP —If the work to be done requires a Ratchet Brace, then a Ratchet Brace it must be, but if one does not need the Ratchet features, what in thunder is the use.

Ebay ads for Rachet, Whimble, angular and corner braces. Old tools text follows.

CORNER BRACE. This tool is useful for all sorts of boring purposes; is almost indispensable for electricians, bell - hangers, steam-fitters, plumbers, etc., on account of its adaptability for boring in close quarters. We regret to say that these Braces, in workmanship and finish, are not all that could be desired, and in these respects they will not compare favorably with any of our high-grade braces. At the prices these are sold, they should be a high-grade tool throughout, but as they are a patentedarticle and have no competition, we presume they will not be made any better until the patent runs out (in 1901). Excuse our scolding, but we get a little out of patience with people who can make good goods, but don't because for certain reasons they think they "Don't have to."

BAXTER RATCHET BRACE. (Barber Style.) This Brace is made of the best quality of materials, has Lignum Vitae Head, Cherry Handle; is not nickel plated nor as handsomely finished as the others, but is a good, strong tool.

WHIMBLE BRACE. This is a strong, double crank Brace, used largely by ship carpenters and millwrights We carry size, 12 In. Sweep. Price, $2.00.

ADJUSTABLE ANGULAR BIT STOCK. This tool is used in connection with any Bit Brace for boring at an angle.
As will be seen, this is adjustable and can be placed at different angles.

Is more rigid than the Adjustable, and preferred by some.

MEISTER'S ANGULAR BIT STOCK. This is an entirely new style of Angular Bit stock; can be used at a greater variety of angles than any other. Is strong, well made and durable. Works equally well at all angles. The Gears are of Steel, with Cut Teeth.

EXTENSION BIT HOLDER. Furnished in 16 or 20 inch lengths. Price, each, $1.00.

CHUCK FOR SQUARE SHANK DRILLS. This will be found useful for machines in which it is desired to use bits with square shank. These are fitted with i Inch Round Shank.

Ratchet Brace vs Plain Brace