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We carry in stock so the two hundred varieties of Pocket Knives, and yet at least 50 per cent of our sales are of the patterns shown here. They are not "polished with diamond dust", are not "file-tested", are not made of "razor steel", nor will they " split a hair". They are, however, of the highest quality, are handsomely finished, are the same brands and styles that we have sold for twenty-five years, and if your dealers are not able to satisfy you, we would be pleased to sell you. The prices include postage.
Medium Pen-knife, style of Fig. 1730; length when closed, 31 inches. Ivory or Stag handle, 81.10; Tortoise Shell, $1.30; Pearl, $1.45.


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. There is so much silly twaddle printed and said by makers of—and dealers in—Razors, and by barbers (who ought to know the most, and

really, as a rule, know the least) about Razors and shaving, that we are impelled to present a few points gathered in an experience of a quarter of -a century in their sale and use.

To the youth just entering manhood, shaving may be a pleasure. Before many years, however, it is more or less of a burden, and in many cases it becomes a dreaded duty.

Occasionally we hear a man bragging about the quality of a Razor,- which he or some one else has bought at an auction sale for perhaps forty or fifty cents. There is really nothing surprising about this, as there is no difference in quality of steel between a 50-cent and a $1.00 razor. However, we wouldn't care to take chances of getting a good razor in this way.

For average beards and faces, and by average, we mean at least sixty out of every hundred, the Razors made by Wade & Butcher, Jos. Rodgers & Sons, Geo. Wostenholm, and others of the better class of makers, are well suited. These Razors can be obtained from almost any dealer in hardware and cutlery, at prices ranging from $0.75 to $1.00.
We will mail to any address, a Razor of this class upon receipt of $0.75 and 10 cents extra to cover cost of postage.


This style of Razor is sold to barbers and the better class of users. As regards quality of steel and temper, they are no better than any of the high grade plain Razors, but a Full Concave Razor is more desirable for the reason that they are much easier to sharpen and keep in order. The Full Concave Razors we sell are, we believe, as good as can be produced. They are finely ground, nicely finished, and superior in all respects.

The writer has in past years, used upwards of thirty different razors, including all the best known English, German, French, and Swedish makes, and never. knew what real comfort in shaving was until he began using the LeCoultre Razor.

Our attention was first directed to these Razors by a customer who had just returned from abroad, and who had bought a pair of them in Paris. He was so enthusiastic about them, that we ordered a few as samples and since then we have sold a good many —as Sterling Elliott says,—" Good many is ambiguous; but it saves lying."

As a single instance of the popularity of these razors when once used, about three years ago we sold one of these razors to Mr. A. H. Munger, of the whole-sale drygoods firm of Burnham, Hanna, Munger & Co., of Kansas City, Mo. In a few weeks Mr. Munger ordered four more, and up to the present time this first order has resulted in the sale of over three hundred of these razors.

The LeCoultre Razor is in shape quite similar to the ordinary razor, is nicely finished, but not especially handsome in appearance. The blades are removable, and are made of the finest steel, Exquisitely tempered.
We can furnish them with any number of blades, but the bulk of our sales consists of the razors with two blades, these being equal to two separate razors, as it takes but an instant to change.
Price of LeCoultre Razor, $2.00; with 2 blades. $3.00. Add for each extra blade, $1.00.
Star Safety Razor, $1.50.
Square Razor Strop, $1.25.
Swing Razor Strop, $1.50.
Tension Razor Strop, $2.00.
These Strops are the very best quality in the different styles. Personally we prefer the Square Strop.

Razor strops for sale on Ebay: text continues below.

represents an Electricians' knife. This is an uncommonly useful tool for those who do electrical work. It has one regular knife blade, and another blade especially for scraping wire. This blade has also a sharp edge for cutting the covering of wire, and forms a substantial screw driver.
Medium Pen-knife; length, 31 inches. Ivory, Horn or Stag handle, two blades, $0.70; three blades, $0.95.
Pearl, two blades, $1.00; three blades, y I.35.
Heavy Pen-knife, style of Fig. 1 1731; length, 3$ inches.

Ivory, Horn or Stag handle, two blades,
Pearl, is a heavy Pen-knife; length, 31 in. Ivory, Horn or Stag handle, $1.00, Pearl, $1.40.
4; Fig. 1733 is a heavy Pen-knife; length, 31 in. Ivory, Horn. or Stag handle. $1.00; Pearl, $1.50.
Fig. 1735 is a light Jack-knife; length, 31 in. Ivory, Horn or Stag handle, $0.70.
Fig. 1734 is a heavy Jack-knife; length, 3$ in. Ivory, Horn or Stag handle, $0.85.
Fig. 1 7 36 is a Swedish knife. This is quite a favorite among mechanics generally, as the blade is permanently held in the handle, and can be removed, folded into its frame and replaced in the handle, making it safe for use
and carriage.

Fig. 1730 is a light Pen-knife, suitable blade, 4$ inches. No. 1,81.15; length, 3$ for either ladies' or gentlemen's use ; inches; length of blade, 3$ inches. No. 2; length when closed, 2$ inches; has three $1 00; length, 31 inches; length of blade, blades. Ivory or Stag handle, $0.90; 2$ inches. No. 3. $0.85; length, 2$ in.;
Tortoise Shell, $1 15; Pearl, $1.25. length of blade, 2$ inches,

Razors, Strops & Pocket Knives