Rip & Cut-Off Saw 0145

The frame of this machine is made of hardwood, tenoned and bolted together, and finished with several coats of shellac varnish. The saw mandrel carries 2 saws, and has Automatic Expansion device, to take up difference in various diameters of sawholes. Tables are made of glued-up strips of hardwood; Rip Saw table is 28 in. wide by 60 in. long, and is hinged to the back part of frame, is provided with a Hand Wheel and Screw for adjusting it for different thicknesses of lumber. Cut-off Saw table is 24x48 in., is mounted on rollers and V slide, has fence with Adjustable Stop Gauge, regulating length of stock to be sawed. Price includes Rip and Cross-cut Saw, 14 in., and Countershaft.

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Price, $87.50; weight, 800 lbs. 

FIG. 4087.


' This is a rigid, substantial machine; frame is of iron, covering almost as much floor space as the size of table. Table is of hardwood, glued up. The fence extends full width of table, and has a Dovetailed Iron Strip on top, in which the adjustable stop slides for cutting different lengths Fence can be extended beyond table for cutting long stuff if desired. The rollers travel on the tracks planed on top of the frame. Under the center of table is a grooved guide plate, which keeps table in line

with the saw. Price, with 16 in. Saw, and Counter, $98.00; weight, 700 lbs.

FIG. 4088.

NO. 1


This machine will be found useful for general cross-cutting in Sash, Door, Box, Furniture and other shops. Carriage works backward and forward on dovetail slide. Mandrel will carry a saw up to 20 in. diam., and is provided with Patent Expansion device suitable for various sizes of saw holes. The table is usually constructed by the purchaser. We provide a Wrought Iron Rest for holding one end of table.

Price, including one 16 in. Saw, $82.50; weight, 700 lbs.

NO. 2


This machine is of the same type as the foregoing, but is somewhat heavier and stronger.

Price, including one 20 inch Saw, $100.00; weight, 850 lbs.

FIG. 4089. V CROSS CUT SLIDES. Can furnish any length up to 5 ft. Usually sell the Top Slide in lengths of from 1 to 2 ft., the Bottom or Male Slide, any length up to 5 ft.

Price, per ft., $0.75.

FIG. 4090.


Set includes 2 tracks 4 ft. 6 in. long, and 2 Frames with Rollers as per cut. Price, per Set, $12.00.

FIG. 4091.



This is a heavy, strong machine ; is used largely in Furniture and Carriage factories, Moulding and Planing mills, for cutting miters and all kinds of bevels. Is well adapted for Ripping, Cross-cutting and Dadoing. As will be seen in cut, the Saw can be raised, lowered and set to any angle up to 45 degrees. Machine is provided with all necessary guides for Ripping, Cross-cutting and Mitering.

Price, $170.00; weight, 1400 lbs.

FIG. 4092.


(Front View.)

There are, we regret to say, a great many more Self-Feed Rip Sawing machines on the market than there are good ones. Until within a year or two there have been but very few changes made in the way of improvement. This ma-chine is of new design, and has become very popular within the last year among the mill and lumber men, and we think that in all points it will be found extremely satisfactory.

This machine has Square Raising Table operated by right and left worm wheels and screws, which can be raised 6 inches. The Saw Mandrel is of 1A in. steel, and runs in two 6 in. and two 4 in. boxes. Mandrel between saw collars,

FIG. 4093.


(Rear View.)

11 in. diam. by 8i in. long, this space being filled with collars of different thicknesses, allowing a gang of saws to be used for different widths of stock. Machine will rip stock 6 in. thick, and by placing saw on outer end of mandrel will take in stock 18 in. between fence and saw. Has two feed shafts; one in front and one in rear of saw. Rear feed shaft has corrugated roll 5-$ in. long (can furnish hard rubber roll for plain stock at extra cost). Feed is driven from saw mandrel by 2 inch and inch belts and sprocket chain, and can be stopped by a clutch while machine is In motion.

Machine has four rates of speed ; 35, 75, 100 and 130 lineal ft. per minute. Can furnish Re-Saw Attachment for making beveled siding when desired without extra cost.

Price, complete with Countershaft, $185.00; weight, complete, 1800 Ibs.

FIG. 4094. RIGID SAW GAUGE. Price, $4 25, including 2 ft. of Slide.

FIG. 4095.


. Price, $5.50, including 2 ft of Slide.

Rip & Cut-Off Saw