Russell Jennings Auger Bit 0049

Ship Augers and Ship Auger Bits are intended for hard woods. They are very strong and durable, will bore a clean hole and cut very fast, the cut being made fine or very coarse, according to the angle at which the lip is filed. The Augers and Bits without Screw will bore straighter than any

AUGER BITS. We aim to carry in stock all sizes and styles of Auger Bits, as given in the following lists and tables. We can usually furnish any desired size on short notice.

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FORD AUGER BIT. It will be noticed that we carry in this style of bit a great many uncommon sizes, especially the sizes by 32nds of an inch from 4 to 1 inch. There are times when the requirements are very exacting, and a i inch hit may be too small, a 3'g too large. In cases of this sort the i2 size is apt to be just the thing.

SHIP AUGER WITHOUT SCREW. other style, on account of there being no screw point to follow the grain or seams in the wood. These Augers are also excellent for boring in end wood. We carry in stock Augers, Nut Augers, Boring Machine Augers, Auger Bits and Car Bits of this pattern, and furnish Machine Bits to order.

DOUBLE SPUR AUGER BIT. In this style of Auger Bit we sell only the Snell Bit, which is, we believe, the best in this class.

RUSSELL JENNINGS' AUGER BIT. In buying Russell Jennings' Auger Bits remember that every genuine Russell Jennings' auger or bit is stamped with the full name, "Russell Jennings", on the shank.

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RUSSELL JENNINGS' BITS IN CASE. This is the only style of bit that is furnished to us in cases, and the price of this set includes case. No deduction is made from the price if the case is not taken, and we have no extra cases of this style for sale

DOWEL BIT. This style of bit is used almost exclusively by coopers, but there are times when, on account of its extremely short length, it may be conveniently used for special purposes. We have three styles, short for brace, length over all about 3in., long for brace, length over all 4i in., and long for machine, length over all 41 in. All are Russell Jennings' make.

JENNINGS' PATTERN AUGER BIT.There are a great many Jennings' Pat-tern Auger Bits sold that are claimed to be as good as the Russell Jennings. Our Jennings' Pattern Bits are of the best quality, finely finished. We war-rant every bit fully, and will replace any found defective. Still we do not think they are quite equal to the genuine Russell Jennings.

BLUE TWIST JENNINGS PATTERN These Bits are the same as the fore-going, excepting that the twist is blue instead of polished. We sell them at about the same price as the regular Auger Bit, and consider them as being the best low-priced Jennings' Pattern Auger Bit in the market.

Russell Jennings Auger Bit