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The Jennings' Pattern Bit is an imitation of the Russell Jennings'. Since the expiration of the Jennings' patents, nearly all manufacturers of Augers and Bits make Jennings' Pattern bits, so that there are at least fifteen makers, and we do not know of a single concern making these that (Ices not claim to make just as good hits as the Russell Jenning. We can best explain our position in regard to this matter by printing the following correspondence :

DOUGLAS, Ark., Sept. 19th.
Detroit, Mich.
Dear Sirs:— * * * Our hardware dealer asks $5.60 for a set of Russell Jennings' bits. He has what he calls Jennings' pattern bits, which he offers at .$4.00 a set, and he claims they are made of the finest steel, tempered by a special process, and that they are better than the Russell Jennings bits. I didn't know enough about it to dispute with him. Would like to know what you think. * * * *
Yours truly,
HENRY C. WHITCOMB. DETROIT, Mich., Sept. 21st.
Douglas, Ark.

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Dear Sir :—Replying to your favor of the 19th inst. Regarding that part of it which relates to Auger Bits would say, that there are a dozen different makers of Jennings' pattern bits. As you failed to state in your letter who the makers of this particular set were, we cannot pronounce upon the quality. We do not know of a single make of Jenning's Pattern bits that we are not thoroughly familiar with. There are at least a dozen different makers; some of them make very good goods, others fairly good, and some few of them make bits that any dealer should be fined for selling.

The Jennings' Pattern bits we sell are made by one of the oldest and best known firms of Bit makers in this country. They guarantee them to us as being fully equal to the Russell Jennings, but notwithstanding their guarantee, we do not believe that they are quite as good. Tf we thought that they were, there would be no sense in our selling the Russell Jennings, for the price of the others is very much less.

However, it is a grave question in our minds as to whether the Russell Jennings' bits are worth the difference —we mean as compared with at least two brands of the best quality Jennings' Pattern bits. We list the genuine Russell Jennings' bits at $5.00 per set, and our Jennings' Pattern. which we believe to be the best bit of this style— outside of the genuine Russell Jennings —at $3.15. The difference you will notice is about 65 per cent —that is— the Russell Jennings' cost about 65 per cent more than the others. If there was a difference of 10 or 15, or even 25 per cent, we would have no difficulty in advising our customers, but as it is, we must simply leave the buyer to decide for himself. * * * *

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DOUBLE SPUR. This old and well-known style of Auger Bit has a great many friends. It would have a great many more if the various manufacturers of this form of bit had kept up the quality, instead of trying to find out how cheap a bit they could make. For some purposes it is a very desirable style. If either one (or both) of the front cutting lips is broken off, it can still be used to good advantage.

The Job T. Pugh brand and the "Arrow" brand (made by Dewitt, Morrison & Kelly) are doubtless the finest hits of this style that are produced ; it is claimed that these two brands are made entirely by hand of the finest English steel. The objection we have to either is the price, which is about $7.00 per set of 13 (i to 1 inch l Auger Bits. In this style of bit we handle the Snell's brand. The Snell Bit has been well and favor-ably known for nearly one hundred years, and outside of the two above named we think it is altogether the best bit of this style in the market. While costing more than other bits of the same style, the prices are still very reasonable.

The Ford Augers and Bits are comparatively new, having been on the market but two or three years. In this short time, however, they have grown into great favor. We say new, but really there is only one feature about these bits that is new— that is— the clearance, which is explained further on Other-wise it is a combination of the best features of well known styles. The cutting lips are similar to the Russell Jennings' bit. this being considered generally as the best form of cutting bit. The form of twist is similar to the Lewis and Ship Auger Bits. this giving great strength. The steel is forged under a hammer instead of being twisted,which also strengthens the bit. The form of head combined with the twist secures a tool that will bore straighter than the ordinary double twist. The peculiarly desirable feature about these tools is the ease with which they bore in deep and medium deep holes. The twist is so constructed as to carry the chip to the center and back, without coming in contact with side of hole, thus preventing friction with the chip and wood, and giving perfect clearance. In Fig. 3300 we present a sectional cut showing the working of this bit. The entire depth of a 12 inch twist car bit may be bored without removing the bit from the hole.

The Cook Bit has always been a prime favorite with many mechanics. For boring at an angle, boring end wood, and enlarging holes already bored, it is especially useful. It is also a desirable bit for all around work. The best bit of this type is made by James Swan, successor to the original manufacturers ( Douglas Mfg. Co.) In the sizes from
to * these bits are single twist, and the larger sizes double twist as shown in cut.

REGULAR OR SQUARE LIP. The only styles of Boring Tools we carry in stock in this style are Nut or Hand Augers, and Boring Machine Augers.

PERFECT. The "Perfect" Augers are quite similar in style to the Russell Jennings. The spurs are made slightly concaved inside, which insures ease and rapidity in boring either in hard or soft wood. We carry this style only in the Hand or Nut Augers and Boring Machine Augers. For nice boring they are very much superior to the regular Nut or Boring Machine Auger, and the prices are quite moderate. They are well made and of the best material.

Russell Jennings Drill Bits