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MACHINE BITS. Before going' into the subject of Boring Machines, we beg leave to insert here styles of Machine Bits that were unintentionally omitted in that part of catalogue where they should have been placed (with other Machine Bits, page 700).

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RUSSELL JENNINGS' MACHINE BIT. We carry the Genuine Russell Jennings' Machine Bits in stock, with 4 and 6 in. twist, in the sizes given in table. Shanks are machine turned, $ in. diam. and 2 in. long.

COUNTERSINK BIT WITH ROUND SHANK. Similar in style to the one shown in Fig. 3381, but has a A Parallel Round Shank, so that it can be used in any adjustable drill chuck. These Bits will be found a great convenience to thousands of manufacturers who have been compelled to fit the square shank style of Bits to their chucks. No. 10, diam., bores 4 in, deep. No. 11, ie diam., bores 1 in. deep. No. 12, ,j'%- diam., bores 11 in. deep. No. 13, 1 diam., bores 1. in. deep. No. 14, aT diam., bores 14 in. deep. All sizes 13 cts. each; $1.35 per doz.

DRILL CHUCKS. It would seem almost unnecessary for us to expatiate upon the advantages of Drill Chucks, but there are thousands of Boring Machines in use that are not provided with them, and that ought to be. On page 701 will be found an article on this subject.

ACME CHUCK. We believe it is the best low priced Drill Chuck in the market. The Bits are tightened by hand, requiring no Spanner wrench. Has a capacity of 0 to 4 in. Price, $3.20.
The "1883" Drill Chuck is similar in style, but larger and heavier. Holds drills from a to 1 in. Price, $4.50.

ALMOND CHUCK. This is a very popular, high-grade Chuck; is especially useful on Multiple Spindle Boring Machines, and on machines with light Spindles used for boring large numbers of small holes. No. 1 is the most generally used size. No. 0, $4.40; holds Drills from 0 to A. No. 1, $4.40; holds Drills from 0 to A. No. 2, $7.20; holds Drills from 0 to 4.

NOTE. —Any of these Chucks will be furnished with Shank 4 in. diam., at an extra cost of $0.65.

In our Metal Workers' catalogue (see page 744 of this catalogue) will be found a very complete line of Drill and Lathe Chucks, comprising over thirty styles and two hundred sizes.

FLOWER CHUCK. This Chuck is of the type that is recognized as being the strongest and most durable, and for general shop use it is doubtless the best of any, as it holds Bits of all kinds firmly, and will stand more hard usage than any other style. We believe this to be as good as any Chuck of this class. Prices are quite reasonable.


BORING SHAFT. Boring Shafts or Mandrels are well adapted to many kinds of work. They are arranged to take in bits with shank in. diam., and have an Adjustable Stop for regulating depth of hole.

No. 1, $7.50; Pulley 34 diam., 4 in. face.
No. 2, $9.00, somewhat heavier and larger than No. 1; Pulley 4 in. diam., 54 in. face.
No. 3, $11.00 ; same as No. 2, but with Tight and Loose Pulleys.

NO. 1 POST BORING MACHINE. Has a strong iron frame ; is fastened to a post by means of bolts. Can be placed in the most convenient position for the operator. Price, $18.00.

NO. 2 POST BORING MACHINE. Is somewhat similar in style to the foregoing machine, but is a little more complete. Has Stop for regulating depth of holes, and Belt Shifter.
NO. 3 This, like the other, is intended to be bolted to an upright post. The table is adjustable in planed groove.

Russell Jennings Machine Bits