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SAW FILES.On the foregoing pages will be found prices of regular Saw Files, both Taper and Slim Taper, Single Cut. For saws that incline towards softness the Single Cut file is all' right, but for medium and hard saws we recommend the Double Cut. The best known Files of this kind are the genuine P. S. Stubs, and, while we may be prejudiced a little by ancient history, we are inclined to believe that these are the best files of this type made We have a Stubs' Pattern File made especially for us, that we believe is almost as good as the genuine Stubs. They are very much less in price, and we do not think the Stubs' are worth the difference. However, we handle both, and our customers can decide for themselves.


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DOUBLE ENDED TAPER FILES. The lengths given in table are over all, and the 8 inch file is equal to two 4 inch common saw files, others in like proportion.

AUGER BIT FILES. The cut shows a new style of File designed especially for use in filing Auger Bits and Augers. This is a great improvement over the Moore Auger Bit File shown in former catalogues. It has about twice the cutting surface, and is much more convenient to use. The ordinary style of file is quite unsuitable for filing augers and bits, as it is apt to file away a portion of the screw or lip, oftentimes spoiling the tool. The file shown here is cut on both sides of one end, the two edges being left "safe " or uncut. On the other end, which is triangular in shape, it is cut on the three sides, and the edges are ground "safe." These files are double cut, medium fine. and perfectly adapted for the steel and temper of Auger Bits. They can also be used to good advantage on all kinds of small Moulding Knives.

PLANER KNIFE FILE. This is a comparatively new style of file, and is of more than ordinary value for sharpening Planer and Moulding Knives and similar work. One end is a fine mill-cut, the other a fine double-cut; it is furnished in but one size. 10 inches long, $ wide and about Tc thick. We sell a great many of these, and would doubtless sell a great many more if we could get more people to try them, and as an inducement to this end, we will send a sample by mail post-paid upon receipt' of the price.

FILE CARD. These are provided with a Scorer, which is used to remove the "Pins" which fill up and clog the teeth, causing scratches in the work if not removed. The Brush will be found a most efficient annex to the Card, especially upon finer files, removing the filings much more effectually than can be done by the Card alone.

FILE CARD WITH BRUSH. We carry in stock the Card Cloth similar to that used on these cards, 2 inches wide at 35 cents per running foot; can also furnish Card Cloth of any desired style, width or coarseness.

MITER BOXES. We present here a very complete line of various styles of Miter Boxes. In thehigher grade of Miter Boxes the Langdon has been on the market for a great many years, and is perhaps the best known of any. The Excelsior Miter Box ( Fig. 3564) while comparatively new, is very well liked, as it is a well made tool and has several very novel and excellent features.

NEW LANGDON MITER BOX. Nos. 18 and 2G take stock 6 in. wide at right angles, 4 in. at miter; Nos. 23 and 25 take stock 0$ in. wide at right angles and 6$ in. at miter.

EXCELSIOR MITER BOX. Th is Miter Box has more desirable features than any other. Among its features are the Screw Clamps which hold the moulding while sawing, avoiding liability of its shifting while the saw is in the cut; a Stop for regulating length; an Extension Post Holder for sawing extra wide stock. The Saw Guides are made of steel instead of cast iron, as is common in all other miter boxes, and it is, we believe, the only miter box that will cut a fraction of a joint true to miter; will cut angles up to 75 degrees The above mentioned are special ad-vantages. Besides these it has practically all points of advantage that are common to the higher grade of miter boxes. Each miter box is provided with a saw specially fitted. Nos. 422, 426 and 430 are provided with saws 4 inches under back, and these boxes will take stock 6 in. wide; No. 530 has saw 5 in. wide, and will take stock 7 in. wide; No. 630 is the largest size, has saw 6 in. wide under back, and will take stock 8 in. wide. Extension Front Post Holder Attachment for sawing stock 3 in wider, for any of the above boxes $1.00.

UNIVERSAL MITER BOX. This Miter Box can be adjusted to all Commonly used angles, can be set to cut the depth of tenon at right angles, also undercut by tilting the saw guide; is graduated to cut 22$, 45 and 90 degrees, but many odd angles may be cut by filing notches in the semi-circle for the stop to engage in. It is especially adapted to the use of Carpenters, Builders, Show Case makers, Carriage makers and Joiners' work generally. A longer stroke of saw is obtained than with the ordinary box, and it can be used for cutting cornice and base boards up to 12 in wide..

Saw Files & Miter Boxes for Woodwookers