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ACTUAL SIZE NO. 5 TOOTH.While the first cost of an Inserted Tooth Saw is much greater than that of a Solid Tooth, the added convenience and advantages are a decided offset.

These Saws always retain their original size. The cutting teeth are made from refined steel, and can be tempered to much better advantage than solid saw teeth. They are kept in order with less labor, and at less cost for files than a solid saw. The points enter the wood like a chisel, cutting chips and shavings instead of scraping the wood into dust. The throats have plenty of room to carry the chips and discharge them freely.

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The teeth, while strong enough to cut any kind of timber, are so constructed that when they come in contact with spikes, mill dogs, etc., they are broken off or torn out without injuring the plate. In a Solid Tooth Saw if two or three teeth are broken, the saw has to be reduced by filing or grinding, which not only lessens its efficiency, but usually entails an expense of several dollars, while with an Inserted Tooth Saw the expense is only the cost of a few bits, at 3 cts. each.

As TO MAKES —There are quite a number of makers whose product is first-class, among them the American Saw Co., R Hoe & Co., H Disstoil & Sons, and Simonds Mfg. Co To the best of our knowledge, all of the foregoing concerns make first-class saws.

As TO SIZE OF TOOTH .—Five sizes are furnished. No. 3 is the best for general work. Tables give gauges and number of teeth sizes Nos. 1 to 4. Saws with No. 5 teeth are made from one to two gauges heavier, and on account of extra number of teeth, cost from 10 to 25 per cent more, according to size. 30 in. No. 5 Saw has 34 teeth, 40 in. 46 teeth, 50 in. 56 teeth, and 60 in. 72 teeth.

As TO USES. —No. 1 is used in soft, gummy lumber where larger throat room is required. Nos. land 3 are used for general sawing in both hard and soft wood. No. 4 is considered the best Tooth for Edgers and Bolter Saws, while the No. 5 Tooth is particularly adapted to the modern fast steam feed mills.

EXTRA TEETH —With each Saw from Nos. 1 to 4 we furnish 10 sets of extra Points ; with No. 5, from 4 to 8 sets, ac-cording to size. From 2 to 6 extra Shanks are furnished with each Saw, according to size.

DUPLICATE POINTS, for Nos. 1 and 2 Saws, $3.60 per hundred; for Nos. 3, 4 and 5, $3.00 per hundred.
DUPLICATE SHANKS, for Nos. 1 and 2, 30 cts. each ; Nos. 3, 4 and 5, 25 cts. each.

SAW MILLS.The line of Mills shown here is a very complete one. There are four distinct sizes, and the Nos. 1 and 2 Mills can be furnished double (with Top Saw Attachment) thus making six styles in all. The prices at which we can furnish these Mills will compare favorably with those of other Mills of like quality.

There are many reasons why the purchaser of a Portable Saw Mill should be very careful in making a selection. To particularize —the conditions under which a Saw Mill is used are different from those of almost any other machinery; ninety-live per cent of the Machinery shown in this book is used in cities, towns or villages in which are found machine shops, so that in case of breakdowns or accidents it is neither difficult nor costly to have repairs or substitutions made.

A Portable Saw Mill is generally used many miles away from shops and shop conveniences. Break-downs and attendant delays are consequently very expensive, and a low dollars saved in first cost of Mill may prove in the end to be very unwise economy.

Mills shown here are of the latest design. The materials used throughout are of the best quality that can be procured, the wood being thoroughly seasoned pine, the arbors turned from steel forgings (the extra cost of this last item is often more than the difference in price asked for inferior Mills). In the Paper Frictions only the best quality of board is used. Every machine is thoroughly inspected before being sent out, and is well packed for shipment.

All sizes are usually carried in stock, and can be shipped on very short notice. These Mills are so constructed that when set up ready for use, they are rigid, firm and strong, and withal, extremely portable.

RIGHT OR LEFT HAND —Mills are furnished both Right and Left Hand. Cuts represent Right Hand Mills. All orders are filled Right Hand unless otherwise specified.
DRIVING PULLEYS —Driving Pulleys will be changed in size to suit purchaser, and can be placed either inside or out-side of Husk Frame.
FEED —This will be changed to suit lumber sawed, as purchaser may direct
SAWS AND BELTS--Prices do not Include Saws or Belts.

Saw mills, their blades and operation