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Saw sets & file guides mean everything to a professional sawyer 0074

SAW SETTING. The principle of correct Saw Setting is to have every tooth set alike. A saw should be set just enough to clear nicely; any more than this is unnecessary, as it makes harder work and wears out the saw faster. Notice how a high grade, first-class saw is set as it comes from the factory; every tooth seems to be set absolutely alike, and not too wide. Do you know how saws are set at the factory ? With a hammer on a small anvil or stake. There has never been a better way, and doubtless never will be. but these men at the factory are experts ; they do practically nothing else. They use just such a hammer, strike just such a blow every time, and the breaking of a tooth is of very rare occurrence, no matter how hard the saw may be. The old style Hammer Saw Sets, like the Aiken (Fig. 3541) and others of this type, aim at the same results as are obtained by setting with a hammer, and to a certain extent are successful. The disadvantage of this style of Set is that mechanics will use all sizes of hammers, and to any one but an expert it is difficult to regulate the weight of blow.

SPRING LEVER SAW SET — IMPROVED. This is a new design which we have just brought out. It possesses all of the advantages of the old style shown in Fig. 3548, together with many new features. The arrangement for holding saw and adjusting for various degrees of set is a great improvement. It is the only set of this type that will set a saw when it is worn down close to the handle. Can be used on the heaviest hand saws, and on jig and band saws from is wide upwards. All those who have used the Spring Lever Saw Set acknowledge its superiority, and this new Set is three times as valuable as the other. This is the only style of Set that will strike a blow with equal strength all the time; can be instantly adjusted to give six different weights of blows, from that of a 3 oz. hammer to that of a 2 lb., and can be worked very rapidly.

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SPRING LEVER SAW SET. These Sets have been used for over twenty-five years; thousands are in use, and never a complaint.

Saw VISES. STYLE OF NOS. 1 AND 2. The Wentworth Saw Vises are, in our judgment, a long way ahead of anything yet produced in the way of a tool of this class. It is the only Saw Vise made with a Flexible Rubber Cushion or Muffler between the jaws, which effectually prevents a 11 vibration, and renders saw filing almost noiseless.
The jaws are planed slightly concave, securing an equal bearing the entire length, and are made to open and close by simply turning the Cam Lever. They are strong, well proportioned and handsomely finished. Nos. 1 and 2 Vises can be easily screwed to a work bench or any place desired. No. 3 Vise has a malleable iron screw clamp for attaching it to a work bench, and by turning a thumb nut it can be tilted to any desired angle, and it can be easily detached and carried about from place to place.

SAW VISE. This Vise has 9i in. jaws, and is the best of its class. It isn't a very high class, however, and at the present low price of the Wentworth Vises, it hardly pays to buy this, unless there is some special reason.

SAW FILE GUIDES. There is no tool used that is in nearly every case in such bad condition and so little fit to do its work properly as the saw is, and all for the want of an easy and sure means to keep it in good order, so as to do its work well, in the least time, with the least expenditure of bodily labor or power. A saw in good and proper order will do more and better work in one hour than a bad one will in three hours.

ROTH'S SAW FILE GUIDE. The above cut represents Roth's Late Improved Saw Filer, perfected after fifteen years' of careful study and experimenting with saw filing machinery, and the result is a practical Filer for accurately filing the various kinds of Saws used by mechanics and others. It is a model of simplicity, has the merit of cheapness combined with durability, its possession being within the means of all, and its use is economy to all using a saw. Fred. T. Hodgson in his excellent work, " Hand Saws, Their Use, Care & Abuse," says, "The whole art of how to file a saw is combined in this Filer and the table connected with it."

ELKIN'S SAW FILER. This is a combination of Clamps and Adjustable Guides used for filing Saws. It is a somewhat more elaborate tool than the Roth's Saw File Guide, and is very well liked.

Saw sets & file guides mean everything to a professional sawyer