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Saws: Dove Tail, Stair Builders, Turning, Coompass saw & many others 0072


These Saws operate on the same principle as the Fig. 3526, Patent Adjustable and Interchangeable Saw. The set comprises a Pruning or Table Saw, Compass Saw and Key Hole Saw

PAD SAW BLADE These Blades are made especially for us, and we do not believe they can be procured elsewhere. They are lighter than the regular Compass blade, and heavier than the Key Hole blade, are of the best quality, well finished, filed and set, concave ground with very thin backs. Length from 9 to 13 inches.

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PULL STROKE BLADE. In some cases it is desirable that a Compass or Key Hole Saw should have the teeth of a form that permits the cutting to be done on the pull stroke, in fact many of our best mechanics file their key hole blades in this way. We carry these blades in stock, and sell a great many of them. They are same style as the blades (Fig, 3524) and sell at the same prices. We also have these blades for Fig. 3522.

Mr. Fred: T. Hodgson, in his excellent book entitled "Hand Saws, Their Use, Care and Abuse" claims that a saw of this form will last longer, and do work better and easier. He says also, "It seems very strange that manufacturers and users do not recognize this principle"

PATENT ADJUSTABLE COMPASS SAW. The Patent Adjustable and Inter-changeable Compass Saw shown here is a new tool and a good one, The blade can be held firmly in any angle or position. This Saw has Carved Apple wood Handle. The blades are of the highest quality and temper, and handsomely finished,

DOVE TAIL SAW. These Saws are extra quality spring steel, and are intended for fine dove-tailing and musical instrument work. The blades are very thin (24 gauge), and they have 9 teeth to the inch.

STAIR BUILDER'S SAW. Applewood Frame, Polished Edges, price, each, $0.50.

FRAME. This is a steel frame with wood handle, about 12 in. under back.

BRACKET SAW BLADES. Our Bracket Saw Blades are of the best quality.

TURNING SAW. Sizes given are length of blade, and prices are for frames only.

FELLOE WEBS. Felloe Webs are heavier than Turning Webs, and ground thin on the back. Felloe Webs and are made with wide ends in order to give strength at the hole. For prices add 25 per cent to the above. Other widths, sizes and styles can be furnished to order.

COPING SAW. This is quite similar in style to the regular Jeweler's Saw Frame. For fine finishing work it is quite an essential tool.

HACK SAWS. The Hack Saw has become an almost indispensable tool for the worker in either wood or iron.

ADJUSTABLE HACK SAW FRAME. Holds blades from 8 to 12 inches long and is, we believe, the best Adjustable Hack Saw Frame made. We have always sold more of this style than any other. For ourselves we must frankly confess that we have never been able to appreciate the utility of an adjustable frame. Perhaps once in a hundred times it may be an advantage, but an adjustable frame cannot be made as rigid as a solid one, and it is a tool that needs to be rigid, and strong. Polished and Nickel Plated. Price, $1.00.

NO. 2 HACK SAW FRAME. This is a solid frame to hold 8 inch blades, facing them in any direction. Is Polished and Plated, Cocobola Handle. Price, $0.70.

No. 3 Hack Saw Frame, $0.45. This is made of Malleable Iron, Nickel Plated and nicely finished; a good, strong, substantial tool.

HACK SAW BLADES.We carry in stock several brands of Hack Saw Blades, the best known being

Saws: Dove Tail, Stair Builders, Turning, Coompass saw & many others