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The genuine and best Cook's Auger Bit is made by J. Swan, successor to the Douglas Mfg. Co.

SHIP AUGER BIT, WITH SCREW. These Bits are intended for hard woods only, are very strong and durable, and will stand more "grief " than any other style of bit.
The price of the Bits are the same, either with or without Screw.

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AUGER BIT BOXES. It will be noticed with but one exception (Russell Jennings') that none of the Sets of Auger Bits are priced in cases. All Auger Bit manufacturers furnish fancy cases when desired, and many dealers in selling bits both over the counter and through catalogues, are inclined to give customers the impression that the Bit Case is " thrown in " with the set of bits —a sort of "Prize package" as it were —This is a mistake, however, and if the bit case isn't on the bill —like the old sea captain's suit of clothes —it must be paid for all the same.

About 95 per cent of the ordinary run of Bit Cases are constructed so that the bits are held apart from each other and in the case by springs, hooks, clips or some devices that are in them-selves weak, the result being that they need constant tinkering to keep them in order, and the bits are very apt to rattle against one another when the box is thrown down or carried about.

In view of the fact that the consumer has to pay for the ease, we think he might as well have the best, especially as the best costs but little more than the poorest, and the best Bit Box or Case we know of is the Fig. 3318.

This Box, as will be seen in the cut, is of new design, and is altogether the most convenient form for holding a set of auger bits. Each bit is kept apart from the others, and the size bit wanted can be selected in an instant. The box is small, compact and strong. It is made of hardwood, neatly finished, and

PATENT BIT BOX. can be stood on the bench or hung up against the wall, as desired, and can be closed when not in use. Next to this Box in point of convenience and strength, comes the Case which accompanies the Russell Jennings' set of bits. We usually have on hand a number of styles of fancy Auger Bit Boxes arranged with clamps and fastenings for holding 13 bits.

AUGER BIT ROLLS. The Auger Bit Roll is coming into more general use. These Rolls are designed to contain a set of 13 auger bits, are usually made of strong canvass or leather, lined with flannel or chamois skin and have a separate pocket for each bit. We think they provide an excellent way for carrying bits. As a matter of fact, we consider them much better than any wooden box or case. They have never been offered for sale apart from the bits, but we hope before long to have at least a small variety of Auger Bit Rolls.

AUGER BIT GUIDE. In the article on "Augers and Bits," printed elsewhere, we mentioned incidentally a number of styles that we do not handle. There are quite a few styles that we have handled, and still others that we have never sold but have seen samples of. Among these are the Andrews, Bailey, Solid Head, Taylor, Spencer, Circle Lip, Gladwin, Donaldson and Thorne. The foregoing have been for the most part "freaks," only three or four of the lot having any merit.

Bits for sale on Ebay. More old tools text follows.

In the above cut we show a decided curiosity. In June, 1896, we had a letter from a friend of ours, Mr. L. H. Lamb, who travels about the country selling tools. He said, " In my travels, among many curiosities in tools I found in Virginia may be easily saved on a single Guide. These Guides are made of solid brass, with soft metal center to accommodate itself to the screw point without injury to the screw. They can be used for reboring a hole, or counterboring to a larger size. When applied to machine bits they permit the bit to be used at a higher speed.

BIT GAUGE. This is a simple device for regulating depth of hole bored, without withdrawing the bit; is especially valuable where a number of holes have to be bored to a uniform depth.
No. 1, regular size, for all sizes of bits up to 1 inch, price, $0.255 ; No. 2, large size, for bits up to 2 inch, price, $0.40.

Virginia is an 'old time' auger bit. It is something like the Irwin auger bit. The owner informed me that he had had it for years, and the party from whom he obtained it declared that it was nearly one hundred years old. He would not sell it under any circumstances but was willing that I should have a photograph taken, and as I knew you would be sufficiently interested, I did so and send you the photo under separate cover."
The above cut is engraved from the photograph, and it certainly does resemble the Irwin bit quite strongly. The Irwin bit as originally made, however, had but one lip.
All of the above rather tends to convince one at times, that "There is nothing new under the sun,"'

Screw Auger Bits & Auger Bit Rolls