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CLAMP SCREW. This is a useful Clamp Screw for clamping Sash, Blinds, Doors, etc. Are strong and durable. Each Clamp is furnished with Clevice and 2 Bolts complete. Price. per pair, $5.50.

NEW STYLE DOUBLE CLAMP. For many classes of work these Clamps will readily take the place of ordinary hand screws, and of course are verymuch stronger and more durable. The illustration shows the construction quite well. The screws are of steel 1 inch in diam. Flanges attached to the ends of screws; heads of screws are square to fit hand wheel. Surface of base against which stock is clamped is planed true, and the top and base castings are joined by steel rods. Distance from steel rod to outer end of base 3 in.; distance from top and bottom castings 16 in. These Clamps have holes in top of base suitable for 1 in. gas pipe, and by slipping as many clamps as are required on the pieces of pipe, as shown in illustration, the stock can be easily and quickly placed in position and the pressure applied. After one side has been filled the clamp can be turned over and the other side filled in the same manner. Price of Double Clamps, $3.50 each. This does not include Hand Wheels, which are $0.50 each. Our reason for pricing these separately is, that in many cases only one or two Hand Wheels would be desired for a large number of Clamps.

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DOOR AND BLIND CLAMP. This is a heavy, single motion Door and Blind Clamp; is operated by simply pushing down one lever with the foot, and turning the end screw by hand. Has adjustment of 14 inch, and is adjusted forward and backward by the hand wheels running the whole width of the machine. Will clamp any size up to 4 ft. 4 in. wide by 8 ft. long, with a single motion of the foot treadle. Each machine has 16 long dogs for doors, and 16 short dogs for blinds. Can furnish Sash Attachment, which will clamp sash on four sides perfectly square at one operation.

CHEESE PRESS SCREW. These Cheese Press Screws are made of steel; other parts are cast iron.

These Screws are made of steel, with cast iron nuts and caps. They are used for pressing Cider, Wine, Tobacco, Lard, Cloth, etc., and the larger sizes are also used for Houseraising Screws. Intermediate diameters and lengths furnished at proportionate prices.

CAST IRON SCREWS. These Screws are cast with seamless threads, which makes them very smooth and uniform. They are used almost entirely for Houseraising purposes.
They are 3 inches in diam. Pricesare as follows, and length given is over all: 20 in., $2.35; 24 in., $2.65; 30 in., $3.15; 36 in., $3.70. Intermediate lengths furnished at proportionate prices.

JACK SCREWS. This illustrates the ordinary style of Jack Screw. We list here the sizes most commonly used. Can furnish, when required, 50 other sizes.

CAPACITY OF SCREWS. The capacity of the various diameters of Steel Screws is about as follows : It, 8; la, 10; 1+, 12; 2 in., 16; 24; and 3 in., 30 tons.

Screws - Jack, Cast Iron, Cheese