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SCROLL SAW BLADES.Scroll Saw Blades for Figs. 4004-5 machines, 7 in. long, and from 1' to i in. wide, per doz., $0.75; each, $0.07. Fret Saw Blades (fine), 7 in. long; per doz., $0.25; per gross, $2.50.

EMPIRE SCROLL SAW. This machine cuts stuff up to 3 in. thick, swings 24 in. Has Upright Drill, Tilting Table, powerful treadle motion, cuts rapidly and is easy to operate. It is designed to use 8 in. saw blades, but can be adjusted to use 5 in. if de-sired for light work. The average rate of speed when sawing is about 800 strokes per minute. Height from floor to top of table 40 in. The driving wheel is 24 inches in diam., and the belt is of V shape. Great power is obtained without any slipping or lost motion. The Victor Lathe (Fig. 4011), can be used on this machine.
No. 1 machine, $27.00, including 1 doz. Blades, Twist Drill and Wrench. Weight, 165 lbs.; boxed, 240 lbs.
No. 2 machine, $22.50, same as No. 1, but without Drilling Attachment.
Tight and Loose Pulleys for steam power, $4.50; or furnished in place of the treadle when so desired without extra charge.

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"VICTOR" SCROLL SAW. This machine is designed for Pattern, Model and Cabinet Makers, Carpenters and all Wood Workers who desire a machine of large capacity suitable for close and accurate work. It has Upper and Lower Spindle, Adjustable Tension Spring, Dust Blower, Drill, Tilting Table, etc. ; cuts up to 3 in. thick, and swings 24 in. The Victor Lathe (Fig. 4011) is de-signed for this machine.
No. 1, $36.00, with 1 doz. Blades, Drill and Wrench. Weight, 230 lbs.; boxed, 325 lbs.
No. 2, $31.50, same as No. 1, but with-out Drilling Attachment.

"VICTOR" SAW BLADES. These Blades are intended for use in either the "Victor" or "Empire" machines.

NO. 4 "VICTOR" SCROLL SAW. For power only; arranged to fasten to a bench. Has Tight and Loose Pulleys for 1 i in. flat belt. Same capacity as No. 1; has no Drilling Attachment. Price, $22.50.

TIGHT AND LOOSE PULLEYS. Cut shows method of arranging Tight and Loose Pulleys for using either No. 1 or 2 machine by power. Price of Tight and Loose Pulleys, $4.50; or they will be furnished in place of treadles when so desired without extra charge.

POWER. Do you want Power?

STEAM, WATER, AIR, GAS, GASOLINE. We have Appliances for all. Tell us the conditions and we will do (part of) the rest.

LATHE ATTACHMENT. This Lathe is practical, strong and well finished; can be attached to either the "Victor" or "Empire" machines; takes 18 in. between centers; swings 6 in. Provided with Short and Long Rests, Point, Cup and Spur Centers, and Emery Wheel. Price, $9.00.

We come now to a line of heavier Scroll Saws for Power only.
This machine is intended for light and heavy scroll sawing ; is well made, of good material, has a Patent Adjustable Strain, which is very simple and durable. Tension on the saw is easily regulated by means of hand wheel. The Combined Belt Shifter and Brake is placed at base of machine ; the operator can start and stop machine instantly by a slight movement of the foot.

Scroll saw blades