Scroll saws for cabinet makers & others 0133

SCROLL SAWS. See also Scroll Saw Attachments on Circular Saw Machines. We were somewhat at a loss as to where we would place the first two machines shown, these machines being a combination of Lathe and Saw —in fact, it is somewhat of a question as to whether these should have a place in this catalogue, as they are by no means mechanics' tools, or machinery. Our old friend, George B. Grant, insinuates that they are "gotten up to sell to Boys and Ministers of the Gospel." We sell them principally to parents, to be used as holiday presents to children who are of a mechanical turn of mind. We also sell them to amateurs. They are well made, and under many conditions will be found quite useful.

COMPANION LATHE AND SAW. The Lathe takes 15 inches between centers, and has 5 in. swing. Scroll Saw can be taken off by loosening one bolt. Lathe and Tools, $7.00; Scroll Saw Attachment, $1.50; Circular Saw Attachment, $1.00.

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GOODELL LATHE AND SAW. This machine takes 15 in. between centers, and has 5 in. swing: is provided with Face Plate, Spur and Screw Centers, a nice Drill Chuck to hold up to + in., and an Emery Wheel 4x i in. Price of Lathe and Tools $10.00; Scroll Saw Attachment, $2.00; Circular Saw Attachment, $1.00.close, and very accurate work in wood, bone, shell, or soft metal. This is the style of machine used for the inlaid work on Pullman and other palace cars. It will cut wood 1 in. and under, and will swing 15 in. Has Tilting Table that can be changed to any position for sawing inlaid work, a Drilling Attachment and Dust Blower. Price, complete, $20.00; weight, 65 Ibs. ; boxed, 100 lbs. Price, for Steam Power only, arranged to fasten to bench, with Pulley for 1 inch flat belt., no Drilling Attachment, $10.00.

LATHE ATTACHMENT. Can furnish a nicely made Lathe Attachment to take 10 in. between centers. Swing 4 in., with Rests, Face Plate, Spur Center, Emery Wheel, Turning Tools, etc, price $5.00.

NO. 7 SCROLL SAW. This is a good, practical machine, at a very low price. It has been on the market about twenty years, and there are not less than fifteen thousand in use. Can be used on soft or hard wood up to 3 in. thick; with reasonable practice will cut pine 3 in. thick at the rate of 1 ft. per minute; 1 in. thick, 4 ft. per minute and hard woods at about one half this speed. The swing around the blade under the arm is 24 in.; length of blade, 7 in. Price, $13.50, with 1 doz. blades. Weight, 55 lbs.; boxed, 80 lbs. This machine has the same capacity as the No. 7, Fig. 4003, but is preferred by many on account of the Velocipede Foot Power, and on account of having a Boring Attachment. Price, complete, $20.00; without Boring Attachment. $18.00. eight, 90 lbs. ; boxed, 130 lbs.

"CHALLENGE" SCROLL SAW. Especially designed for Cabinet Makers, Model Makers, Printers, Jewelers, Amateurs, and all who wish to do fine, NO. 7 POWER MACHINE. Can furnish the No. 7 Machine arranged with Countershaft, as shown in cut (no foot power). Price, No. 7 Power Machine, $18.00.

Scroll saws for cabinet makers & others