This machine was especially designed for Fluting, Beading, and Ornamenting Columns, Newel Posts, Corner Blocks, Balusters, Rosettes, etc. It can be used on any ordinary Shaper, either single or double head, where knives can be set 5 in. above Shaper table. The diameter of stock which can be worked depends on the height of knives. There is no limit to length, as the head and tail blocks can be placed on a base of any length. The device is quite simple; can be placed in operation in less than fifteen minutes, and requires but little experience to run properly. Considering the great variety and amount of work it will do, the price is exceedingly low. 

A complete outfit consists of Head and Tail Stock, 3 Spacing Plates, with which 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 20, 24, 28, 40 and 48 lines can be made ; 2 Bases, one for long and one for short work ; 40 inches of extra Knife Steel (assorted widths), one set Knife Collars for Shaper, and a Wrench.

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Price for complete outfit, $39.00.

FIG. 5148.

Fig. 5148, as used on Shaper for Fluting or Beading Straight, Tapered or Swelled work.

FIG. 5150.

Fig. 5150, showing Head Stock used on the Shaper for cutting a Medalion ; same method used for cutting Rosettes, Corner Blocks, Small Panels, etc.

FIG. 5151.

Fig. 5151, showing Head Stock used on a Wood Worker or Jointer, for cutting large Sun Panels, Fans in Brackets, etc. Used only for work too large to swing on Shaper.


FIG. 5152.

FIG. 5149.

Fig. 5152, Showing the device as used on a Band Saw, for cutting Square,

Fig. 5149, showing Head Stock used FIexagon or Octagon Columns, Newels, on the Shaper, for Beading irregular etc. This class of work may also bo Face Plate Turnings. done on a Shaper, using a pattern.