Cutters up to 11 in. face can be used. Spindle is easily adjusted up and down, and may be run either way to suit the grain of the wood.

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No. 1 Machine, $27.00, complete as shown in cut (price does not include any Cutters). Shipping weight 250 lbs.

Pulley for Power, $2.00.

No. 4 Machine, for Power only, same as No. 1, but without the hand and foot power, with Pulley on intermediate shaft and countershaft. Price, $27.00.

Countershaft (arranged for open and crossed belts for reversing motion), $9.00.11. Section of Sash Rail. 

FIG. 5145.

The above cuts illustrate the most commonly used styles of Cutters. These are not the thin sheet steel Cutters, but are made of solid stock, and have, since April 1, 1897, been improved in form. They are reversible, will cut either way, and should always be sharpened on tho inside, Price, each, $1.50,


The above illustration shows Cutters for Double Spindle Shapers. These Cutters work on the same principle as a gear cutter with relieved teeth. Grooves are eccentric to center of collars, thereby the cutting edge is thrown forward, thus giving them clearance, as shown by dotted lines in cut.

Cutters have tongues turned upon each end, which fit into corresponding grooves in the collars. All cutters are made to fit the same collars, so that one set of (4) collars is all that is necessary for any number of Cutters.

In ordering, send a Collar which fits the Spindle perfectly, as it is importantthat the Collars fit well. Also send Drawing or Sample of Moulding which bits are to cut.

We print list of sizes covering most work. Can make Cutters as large as 10 in. diam. and 5 in. high.

Prices per set of 4 Cutters, 2 Right and 2 Left Hand:

For $ in. stuff, to cut I. deep, $5.60.

Price of complete set of 4 Collars (2 Right Hand and 2 Left Hand), $13.75. These Collars are of cast steel and serve for all shapes of bits.


These Heads are for use on the Cope Attachment of Tenoning Machine. The Cutters are sharpened by filing the front face, and will retain their original shape until worn out, thus effecting a great saving in time of filing and fitting, will also cut easier and smoother than any other style. Cutters can be replaced by others of different shape, the one pair of heads serving for any cutters desired.

In ordering, state size of hole and diameter of Head desired, also send drawing or sample piece of the Stile that the Cope piece is to fit to..

Price of Heads per pair, $12.50.