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The Clark's Screw Driver Set is the gem of our collection. We have sold thousands of these in the past twenty-five years, and have never had a defective or poor blade returned. It is better suited for general work than any other driver in the market. For light work, such as driving screws, say - in. and under, it is perhaps a little too heavy, but is well suited for anything above this size up to screws as large as 4 in.

This Set in connection with a 3 or 4 inch Piano Drivermakes a complete outfit for general carpenter work, in connection with the 3 inch Piano and 10 inch Giant for the cabinet maker or pattern maker, and in connection with the 12 inch Giant for the millwright. As Brace Screw Drivers these bits have no superiors. The No. 1 (small size) measures * in. on the face; No. 2, 1156 ; No. 3, t ; No. 4, in. Price of Clark's Set, with 4 Bits, in neat Wooden Box, $1.00; postage, 19 cts. Extra Handles, $0.25; postage, 7 cts. Extra Blades, Nos. 1, 2 and 3, $0.20 each; No. 4, $0.25.

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BRACE SCREW DRIVER. For many classes of work this will be found an uncommonly complete and use ful tool. It has a 6 inch Sweep, Cocobola Head and Handle, and Chuck for holding the interchangeable blades, which is strong and quickly operated. It is provided with four blades from 4 to 12 inches long, and has a 12 inch extension, which in combination with the blades gives a variety of 4, 8, 12, 16, 20 and 24 inches in length.

BRACE SCREW DRIVER SET This Set includes a Nickel Plated Ratchet Brace with 4 forged steel bits, all in a fancy varnished Box. It makes a very handy set as the brace can be used independently for other work.

BILLINGS & SPENCER POCKET SCREW DRIVER. This combines four sizes of Screw Drivers in one handle It is a handsomely made and finished tool, useful for electricians, the household, sports men, and any one desiring a handy tool.

SCREW DRIVER SET. This Set consists of a Hardwood Handle, nicely finished, together with 3 Screw Driver Blades, suitable for light and medium work.

TOOL SET. This is similar to the Screw Driver Set, excepting t hat it has a Square Reamer in place of one of the Screw Drivers.


This article is intended not so much as a history of Spiral Screw Drivers, but as a history of our experience with Spiral Screw Drivers. At different times during the years

1877 and 1878

we had a number of calls for a screw driver that operated by pushing. The inquirers had heard of it, and an occasional inquirer stated that he had seen one, but we could in no conceivable way locate one of these drivers, or obtain a sample, and we had about ccme to the conclusion that the Spiral Screw Driver was a "Will o' the Wisp" (a sort of fairy tale as it were), and existed only in the imaginations of the inquirers, when one day a cabinet-maker employed by the Pullman Car Co. came into our store, and incidentally informed us that one of his shopmates, a newcomer from the East, had one of these drivers.

At some little pains and expense we secured this driver, and were thus enabled to get the name and address of the manufacturers. it was the Allard Spiral Screw Driver and quite similar in design and construction to the present style. We procured a stock of these, and sold hundreds of them, the selling price at that time being $3.00 each. Two or three years later the supply ceased. The only reason we could learn was that the demand had grown so, that the maker was unable to supply it, on account of insufficient machinery, and so had stopped making them entirely in order to build more machinery. We always thought this was a very queer proceeding, but, at any rate, other styles were brought out from time to time, and this class of screw driver is almost as well known —if not quite as commonly used —as the ordinary style.

The Spiral Screw driver ranks among the most wonderful labor-saving tools ever invented. and this method of driving small and medium sized screws is an entire revolution. It saves fully two-thirds of the time, as it will drive screws in either soft or hard wood in one-third of the time taken by an ordinary screw driver. It is operated by simply pushing on the handle.

RATCHET SCREW DRIVER. We believe that this is alltogether the best, as well as the handsomest, Ratchet Screw Driver made. It drives a screw in or out with the ratchet, or may be made stationary. The whole length is 11 inches. The handle Cocobola, highly polished, and all metal parts heavily nickel plated.

RATCHET SCREW DRIVER This is quite similar to the Ratchet driver shown in Fig. 3445, but has a Double Pawl and the bits are interchange-able. With this are furnished 3 Bits, 5, 7 and 9 inches long.

The Spiral Screwdriver