Squares – Nickel coated for rust protection 0067

Heavy coating of nickel which is not polished, but left as it comes from the nickeling process. The surface is a frosted, silvery color, the graduations and figures are easily read in all lights. Third, the "Rustless" Finish. For this finish the Squares are first highly polished, then heavily copper plated. again polished, nickel plated and finished in plain nickel. We believe that this is the only process that will render a Square proof against rust.

Mr. W. S. BROWN, of Minneapolis, Minn., writes:
"I have used one of your Rustless Squares for some time on ornamental plaster work. My work is in lime, plaster, shellac and similar wet materials; have been obliged to use a zinc square on account of the rusting of steel, but your Square fills the bill perfectly and is the first I have ever had that would stand."
We know of the class of work done by Mr. Brown and think it furnishes the severest test a Square can be put to.
AS TO ACCURACY —This feature, although the last referred to, is after all the most important. Our Squares are all practically accurate. We do not believe that they will be found to vary in the entire length more than T of an inch (absolute accuracy is attained only at great expense, and we could not furnish Squares that we would guarantee to be absolutely accurate for less than $10.00 to $15.00 each). As the majority of Squares sold in the stores are out of true from to it will be seen that our limit of -)) is a very close one.

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PRICES AND DESCRIPTIONS. NO. 1000 SQUARE. The illustrations (Fig. 3491) show a sufficient portion of this Square to give a proper idea of what it is. It is graduated to 32ds, 16ths, 12ths, 10ths, 8ths, 4ths, has the i'~bth scale, brace, 8 square, and Essex New Board Measure, giving the feet and inches in full. The blade is 2 inches wide, the tongue 1i in. wide, blade 24 in. long, tongue 18 in. long (outside).

NO. 20 SQUARE. This Square is in size similar to the No. 1000; is graduated to 16ths, 12ths, 8ths and 4ths. Has Board and Brace Measure, and 8 Square Scale.

NO. 120 SQUARE (one ft.). This for many purposes will be found a convenient tool. It is graduated to 16ths, 12ths, 8ths and 4ths. Blade is 14 in. wide, tongue 1 in. wide and 8 in. long.
Plain Finish, $0.85; Plain Nickel Finish, $1.20; "Rustless" Finish, $1.75.

BRIDGE BUILDERS' SQUARE. This style of Square is shown in illustration (Fig. 3492). It is graduated to 16ths, 12ths and 8ths.

DEVOE'S SQUARE ATTACHMENT. The above rather indifferent cut represents a device used in connection with the Steel Square, by Carpenters, Stair Builders, Cabinet Makers, and Wood Workers in general. The cut shows it applied for laying out stairs. These can be conveniently used in connection with a rule or straight edge as trammel points.

SQUARE GAUGE. This Gauge is used in connection with the Steel Square, and can be adjusted to any pitch or angle desired. For cutting in rafters, braces, stairs, etc., it will soon pay its cost, and prove a valuable tool. Is furnished either Plain or Graduated in inches, 4ths, 12ths and 24ths, ground straight and nickel plated.

DEPOSIT ACCOUNTS. Many of our customers requiring tools and other goods, from time to time, find it inconvenient and annoying to have to procure Post Office or Express Money Orders, or to Register Letters, besides being quite an expense when the orders are frequent. Customers may save themselves trouble and expense by taking advantage of our DEPOSIT ACCOUNT system. Any amount ( not less than $5.00) may be deposited with us, and this amount will be placed to the account opened in the name of the customer. Orders will be executed to the extent of the amount standing to the customer's credit, and a fresh deposit may be made when the credit is exhausted. Interest at the rate of 5 per cent per annum will be allowed upon the monthly balance of such deposits. Statement of account will be rendered when desired, and any balance remaining with us will be returned immediately, when//applied for.

INSTRUCTIONS —In the back part of this book will be found quite complete instructions for the use of the figures and tables on steel squares.