Starretts Combination Square & a Metric Rule 0065

COMBINATION SQUARE.As a rule, Combination Tools do not amount to much; there are but few exceptions. Starrett's Combination Square is one of these few. It has been on the market many years, and its excellent qualities have been well tested. We know of no other tool that has been so generally and largely sold to all classes of mechanics, both wood and metal workers. It embraces a list of tools which, if bought separately, would cost at least twice —and perhaps three times —as much. All parts are accurately and well made. The price has lately been reduced materially, by reason of largely increased production and improved facilities.

STARRETT'S COMBINATION SQUARE. Starrett's Square, shown above, combines the following tools: Try Square with adjustable blade, Center Square, Miter Square, Scale, Straight Edge, Depth Gauge, Level, Plumb and Scratch Awl. A Bevel Protractor Head (Fig. 3486) is made to fit these Squares, making it a most complete tool. We may add here that the patent on the Combination Square expired recently, since which time there have been a number of similar styles placed upon the market. We think that the Squares of this type made by the Starrett Co. will be found superior, and are to be preferred at a slight difference in cost.

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SPECIAL COMBINATION SQUARE. This is the same style as the foregoing, but larger and heavier. Is designed for the use of manufacturers who desire to keep a reliable standard. No center head is made for these tools.

Combination squares for sale now on Ebay. More old tools text follows.

METRIC SQUARES —For Squares graduated in Metric System, This is a Double Square, which for many purposes will be found very convenient. We have these in two sizes. The 6 inch size has a level bulb set in stock. With these Squares we can furnish an extra blade with Hexagon and Octagon Angles, as shown in cut. WHEN ORDERING please do not fail to give the Figure Number and Size wanted. Long delays are- not infrequent -when the proper sizes and kinds are not specified —this is important.

SLIDING T BEVEL. This is the best Bevel of its class on the mark-et, although it isn't as good as we wish it were. We think the Bevel that the Leonard Bailey Co. used to make was a better tool, but we have been unable to procure these for a good many years, and we presume they are no longer made. However, this is better than most and a very good tool at the price; has steel blade with parallel edges, the blade is secured at any angle by turning the thumb screw at lower end of handle. Sides are flat, enabling the tool to be used in any position.

No.12. This cut shows an improved Bevel Protractor, an Adjustable Rule held firmly at any point by a thumb nut passing through a revolving turret, which is nicely graduated in degrees from 0 to 90, both right and left, and can be accurately adjusted to show any angle. The adjustable level which can be attached in place of the rule, is a valuable auxiliary, to show any degree. The blades in these are the same as those used in Combination Square (Fig. 3483); the head is 7 in. long.

COMBINATION SET. This cut shows the Combination Square ( Fig. 3483) with Center Head and 7 inch Bevel Protractor Head (Fig. 3486). Each Head may be instantly removed, or replaced and used inter-changeably with the scale, thus forming a most useful combination set of tools.

METRIC RULE. We can furnish the Double Square (Fig. 3484), Combination Square (Fig. 3483), Bevel Protractor (Fig. 3486), and Combination Set (Fig. 3487) graduated in the Metric system. Sizes of blades furnished are as follows, in centimetres and decimal equivalents in inches: of tools marked in Metric measurements are the same as those listed in inches; thus 10, 15, 20, 30, 45 and 60 C. M. take the same prices as 4, 6, 9, 12, 18 and 24 inches.

Starretts Combination Square & a Metric Rule