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STEEL LETTERS AND FIGURES. Name Stamps are essential, both in Mechanics' and Manufacturers' outfits. Manufactured goods should be plainly stamped with maker's name and address, and tools should be stamped so that they may he identified if lost or stolen. The owner's name on a tool may not prevent its being stolen, but a "tramp" will usually think twice before he steals a tool with the owner's name plainly stamped on it.

The greatly increased demand for Steel Letters and Figures (more especially in connection with typewriter work) has led to the designing of improved machinery for their manufacture, and a consequent lowering in price.

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The Solid Steel Stamps, Fig. 989, have to be made by hand.

SOLID STEEL. STAMP. We can furnish Name Stamps to order, of almost any design required. The prices given here are for Plain Stamps per letter.

CAST IRON LETTERS AND FIGURES. The Cast Iron Letters and Figures are useful for stamping wood, leather, and soft metals. They can also be used for burning names and figures on wood ; they are sharp and deep, and nicely finished. Made in two sizes, 4 and 4 inch.

AUTOMATIC NUMBERING MACHINE. This Numbering Machine is small and light to handle, thus ensuring speed and ease of operation. All wearing parts, including figure wheels, are of steel. This machine will be found useful for numbering time cards, checks, etc., etc. Fourwheel Machine, numbering to 10,000, $9.00 ; Five-wheel Machine, numbering to 100,000, 510.50; Six-wheel Machine, numbering to 1,000,000, $12.00. Other sizes and styles of Machines furnished.

PATTERN LETTERS AND FIGURES. These Letters and Figures are used by Foundrymen, Machinists. and Pattern makers to put inscriptions of names, dates.. of patents, etc., on patterns of castings. These Letters are made of composition metal, somewhat harder than lead. We can furnish (to order only) Brass Pattern Letters in a great variety of styles. The Brass Pattern Letters can be soldered or "sweat" onto the patterns. The price of Brass letters is three times that of the Composition letters. The sizes given are face measurements.

ROMAN STYLE. The Roman style letters are the most commonly used. Can furnish additional sizes in the Roman pattern up to and including 4 inch.

SHARP FACE GOTHIC. The Sharp Face Gothic is, we think, the handsomest style of all, especially for nice machine work. Can furnish additional sizes in the Sharp Face Gothic pattern up to 3 inch.

HAIR LINE GOTHIC. This is a very light letter, but will make a sharp, clean px iut upon hollow ware, or stoves, where it is desired to have nearly a smooth surface. We keep them in four sizes.

ANTIQUE POINTED. REVERSED. The Reversed Letters, Fig. 996, are used for making Branding Irons, Moulds fol Babbitt Metal, Brick and Artificial Stone. We can furnish other sizes and patterns of Branding Letters if desired.

NUMBERING PLATE. These Numbering Plates are made of White Metal, with figures in relief and Japanned back ground ; are used largely for Church pews, College and Stateroom doors, Post Office boxes, etc., etc.

NAME PLATES. These Plates are made of Brass, handsomely finished and nickel-plated (or left in brass finish, if desired ). We furnish them in two widths, the length being in proportion to inscription.

Steel lettering for Woodworking tools